22 February 2011

Lucy lu and Claire bear

One of the ladies on the team here has been here three times. We were talking a few days ago and watching miss Lucy lu. Kristy was recalling how last year when she was here at this time, she basically carried Lucy around the entire time. I had totally forgotten that it's been less than a year since she learned to walk!

I remember the first time we found her like it was yesterday and how shocked I was to hear she was four years old and could not walk or talk. Because of poverty, disease, selfishness and/or corruption, Lucy was left to fend for herself. I love all our children at Mattaw and each one has a unique story of being rescued. But Lucy's story just really has a special place in my heart and was such a pivotal point for me personally in living out the life we do. I still remember thinking "as long as I live, I want to find all the Lucy's out there".

She was hidden and by the grace of God, we found her. After she recovered in the hospital we brought her to live in our home for several months. Elisha was just a bit over a year old. I had always wanted a baby girl and had so much fun with her, getting her all dolled up and just loving the heck out of her. (as many still do!) She finds her way into pretty much everyone's heart that visits Mattaw without even trying. One of the first goals I had for her was to walk. It was outrageous to me that because of severe malnourishment, a FOUR year old could not walk. No other reason, just because she was not fed enough. So we worked and worked with her. When we moved her out to Mattaw, all the children and staff were constantly trying to help her walk. We went to the states last year to have our baby girl Claire. Not long before coming back we got word that Lucy started taking steps! I was so antsy to get back and see it for myself. It was such a joy to come back and see her walk to me. It was such an answer to prayer.

Now today Lucy is RUNNING. That girl gets to running and shakes her hip along the way. It is so girly and precious. Although she is still not able to talk, we believe she will soon. She is learning sign language and knows quite a bit. She definitely finds a way to communicate what she wants. And since being back I have noticed that she now stands up with the kids when they are singing for people and will dance too! She used to fear doing that and would cry if anyone watched her. I love seeing her and all the kids really gain confidence in who they are and obviously they get that from knowing they are loved.

So a few days ago I watched one of our house moms walk with Claire. Then soon after Lucy joined to try and help Claire walk. It about wrecked me just watching it all come together.

I think if I'm ever having a rough day, I'll just look at this picture and I know it'll make any challenges we have here all worth it.

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Alicia Shofner said...

Pretty sure I just teared up big time! I cant wait until June when I get to see all these kids again! I love you!


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