26 April 2009

Lucy, Soccer, Playground

Sunday. This morning we went out to join with the church. I went down and taught the children and Bud stayed up with Isaac and had fellowship with the adults. Hollie came with me and helped out. Today was on communion, the Lord's supper or some would say holy communion. I taught the children about it and then those that are believers came up to join the adults while Caleb and Georgina stayed with the younger ones and taught about salvation. The Lord's presence blessed us during that time. Then we went and had Greek food at the coffee shop for lunch. Talk about white people head quarters! There are so many white people from all over that come in and out. Caleb and Ian stayed out at the home to hang out for the day. We then went and visited Lucy. She's improving by the day. She always seems to recognize me which amazes me. She is such a sweetie! Here is some pictures from yesterday...

Lucy, me and Elisha

Every time I leave this is what I have to leave.... its so sad! As you can see though we brought her some toys to keep entertained

Eric took this picture! This is Mercy (who is Hollie's roommate now), Nicole (new friend here for three months! ), Hollie and I. They came out to visit Lucy with us.

Bud built some little soccer goals this week out of plastic pipe and chicken wire. here they are playing soccer or shall I say football, on the field

Elisha decided it was a climbing wall, not a soccer goal

Here's Eric in his new clothes, lookin good!

Eric sliding yesterday. He is getting stronger and doesn't fall at the bottom anymore when he slides

Elisha and Sharon driving. Sharon likes to lead Elisha around everywhere

Tomorrow morning will be office morning again. Meaning we work on administration and financial stuff concerning Mattaw. Then we'll head out to the home to spend some time in prayer with our house parents. We'll also get Aaron and Mercy to take them to the Dr.'s for their ear. Our days are flying by. Before we know it we'll be having teams and visitors in and out all the time! We're looking forward to our many visitors this week. It means more lovin for our kiddos. More to come...


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