19 February 2011

A day in pictures

Yesterday I finally remembered my camera! So here's a glimpse into our day...

Mackenzie and Reagan brought chalk and balls to play four square with the kids, a new game to them and they really enjoy it (these girls came last year for the first time and had introduce this to them for the first time last year)

Eli attempting to play four square
(no that is not my kid without shoes on)

Andrew and Elisha, their birthday is two days apart

The kids made a checkered board since we've been away

Our house mama's and Claire

The team here brought shirts for the kids to make

They decided to put "i am Mattaw" on them

just a beautiful picture of Kakai

Lucy lu was very excited to show me how she has improved in coloring. She colored about 10 of these and walked around showing everyone all day.

I was highly impressed with how well she is now holding the marker

Maranatha with her two children Andrew and Lydia, letting Lulu show them her picture

Noah was also pretty proud to show Kristy his coloring

Bud is pretty much non-existence because he is busy working on construction of the new school classrooms. Here is the dad of one of the families here giving Bud some pointers on the new welder out at Mattaw

Caleb and Esau helping out too (Esau is the staff we hired to care and watch over the cows)

The new school classrooms. One will be kindergarten and one first grade. The one on the end will be an office for different people, one being me! (go ahead and smile at that statement Hollie)

My hard workin man

The ladies on the team and the two girls that are ages 11 and 13 brought paint and stencils to add a bit of fun to the kids' rooms at Mattaw

SO cute!

For lunch yesterday we had Matoke (cooking bananas, or in the states they are plantains) mixed with potatoes and rice.

This is one of my favorite meals for lunch at Mattaw.

For Claire and Eli too!

Claire in the middle of the little kids eating. And come to find out she was taking bites off everyones plate AFTER I had already fed her.

Brace yourself for this next picture. Yesterday we went to the "nature conservancy". It's just a few miles from Mattaw. We took the team there. It was a nice long walk through this nature trail and down by a little river. You see some little wildlife, nothing big like lions and elephants, more so like birds, ostrich, monkeys and deer. At the end you come to a herd of animals. We refer to this place as the "funny farm". And here is why...

That is two eyes there on that side and on the other side there is one eye

They have an entire heard of mutated animals. I think it's just the most pathetic and sad thing ever! But not enough to not take a picture. Elisha called this one a monster. I think I'd have to agree.

Off to church at Mattaw this morning! Looking forward to worshiping Jesus with our kiddos. It's been awhile and I just love it.

(thanks for all the prayers on us recovering from jet lag. last night we slept from 7-4:30 and NO vomiting! i have high hopes of tonight getting better. Claire slept through the night, not once getting up, MIRACLE! It's been two months since she's done that. She is home)

Truly created for all of this....


Jill said...

Hello Mattaw! Please tell the Dumms that we missed them at FPNorth this morning....I know you all are being blessed by them! I gave Abigail and Livia extra cuddles this morning....they are doing great! :)

Just me said...

i will tell them! im sure those girls are missin their mommy and daddy but have a great group to surround them with love! we are truly blessed to have them here as are the children and staff at Mattaw. God is using them in ways seen and not seen to bring his love to this nation!

Sharon said...

Thoroughly enjoyed reading through this! Thanks for all the work of putting this up! Even though we really don't know you, I feel like we do because of Scott(: What a ministry you have...definately doing extraordinary things in your obedience to God!!

"to the faithful, you show yourself faithful..." Psalm 18:25

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