06 July 2014

Created for this.

I’ve signed my blog posts for years with “created for this”.  Here’s a bit why, for those of you  who might be new.  I grew up feeling a void of knowing what was I truly created for.  Why was I here?  A question God places in all of us.  It was a deep longing for me to know.  I wasn’t sure what little me could offer to such an incredible God that I was created by.  What could I do to even begin to honor him.  And to live for Jesus after all he has done for us.  Wow, all that Jesus has done for us.  Whoa.  Selah.

The more I would meet Him face to face in my teen years, the more the hunger grew until I knew there had to be something so far beyond myself that I would use my life for the sake of His name.  There were times of stumbling through the dark and him graciously picking me up and other times Him bringing the rod as a father to whip me into shape.  Either way, I’m thankful for the journey.  I’m thankful for the grace to keep taking steps, sometimes leaps and often blind jumps and trusting Papa God.  I would get the big picture then it would fade and I would live an average mundane life.  That is not what we were created for!  Then the fire would come and I couldn’t ignore what I thought was just my desire but indeed it was His Spirit stirring deep.  I’ve shared about the encounter I had at 16, face to face with Jesus in my bedroom, with this deep intense passion to spend the rest of my life loving women and children in the jungles of Congo.  That night it lit a fiery passion that never went away.  He births dreams in our hearts that we can not let go of but trust Him and keep saying yes.  Keep the dreams alive by not doubting, not giving up, always trusting.  

Although I had this burning desire to get to the nation of Congo and share this epic love that Jesus had shown me, I realized that wasn’t my destination in life.  That would come one day and I was still fiery about it but it wasn’t the only thing in life I was created for.  He began to grow in me a passion for missions, for the nations, specifically all of Africa, and I was sent to Kenya.  The day I arrived in Kenya in June of 2005, was a day I will NEVER forget.  It was one of those life changing days where I knew that I knew I was right where I was created to be.  But... I had found before moving to Africa, that what I was created for first wasn’t a place or a mission.  What I was created for was his love, glory, his name and to walk daily in Him and Him in me.  It is about walking out the kingdom daily.  Loving and serving wherever you are.  Yes, He can often put a specific place and nation on our heart but we are called to go into all the world.  It’s every nation and tribe.  It's across your street.  Its the person checking you out at the store, the grandmother feeling lonely next door or the man living under the bridge.  But we are first called into His arms, into His fierce love.  He created us for HIM.  One look into His eyes of love and you will never be the same.  Arriving in Kenya to some of the most beautiful children singing to us and welcoming us with arms wide open and knowing I was created for relationship with our Papa God and created to fulfill a destiny and call on my life, was where "created for this" came from.  It was forever etched in my heart that I finally knew so deeply and personally that.  And out of that we find the people, places, good works, anointings, callings, destinies and purposes that we were created for.  And as we walk in knowing we were created for HIM, He also always wants us deeper in Him.  There's always more!  Just like in the story of Ezekial 43:3-7.  Where God took him from the shores into the deep waters.  We are to jump into the flow of Holy Spirit and not just splash around on the shoreline but be fully submerged!  Religion wants you parked ankle deep, where it is God’s minimum.  Spurgeon once said “Some Christians sail their boat in such low spiritual waters that the keel scrapes on the gravel all the way to heaven, instead of being carried on a floodtide”.  We can’t just survive but we are called to thrive and be more than conquerers.  We need to get in the boat, go deep and not come out when the storms come.  He brings enough peace to rest and sleep IN the boat when needed.  And we don't want to let the oil of his presence run dry.  And then the fire doesn’t die.  I’m preaching to myself here.

SO... about this journey to Congo.

One step of faith at a time and 14 years later, I ended up in this beautiful nation of Congo.  GOD IS SO FAITHFUL!  I was wrecked the moment I saw the sign declaring we were there.  And the overwhelming feeling of what a privilege to go.  Finally. 

I met up with one incredible team from Burn 24/7 whom we had met and prepped through emails and a few skype dates.  Made friends for life.  We all flew into Rwanda then we bused it to the border of Rwanda and Congo.  I went in knowing I would learn from Jesus along the way and learn from the congolese we would meet and for sure learn from the Justice Rising team.  We were a team of worshipers and the main mission was to worship everywhere we went, bringing his presence into some of the most wrecked villages due to war.  We went in to be part of what Justice Rising is doing.  It was a privilege to see first hand what this organization is doing.  (justicerising.com)  Rebuilding communities and restoring children affected by war.  We spoke in churches, did a few conferences, played and loved on children, many children, visited Justice Rising schools, visited hospitals to pray and love those there and one of best parts was visiting Kalembe.  This is a remote village that has seen war for over two decades and currently had the most peace they have in a long time.  It’s one of the most beautiful places on earth.  It’s been since December that war was there and we are hopeful that it will be lasting peace from heaven.  There are so many stories and testimonies I look forward to sharing.  But in short, we worshipped the King in the midst of a war zone.  What a privilege it was!

It definitely was a dream come true and my heart was beyond overflowing the more I was there.  It was a life changing event.  And I am completely smitten by the nation, to say the least :).  The people, the land, everything is beautiful.  The air was tense for sure.  You pass an invisible border into Congo and can feel a shift in the atmosphere.  But oh my goodness, when you get a view from heaven on what God’s heart is for that nation, there’s so much hope, so much beauty.  The statistics are unreal and heart wrenching about all the injustices but justice from heaven brings a whole new way of life for people that have been affected by war.  Knowing a whole generation of kids have grown up knowing nothing but war and have seen family and friends killed was hard going in.  But their smiles and how quick they were to accept love and kindness proved again that we are all called to have faith like children regardless of our past.  

I look forward to also sharing the beautiful things going on within our Mattaw family here in Kenya.  Its astounding actually and all glory to God.  He deserves all the recognition and honor.  He is gracious for sure for all the work he’s doing in our midst.  We’ve had three teams so far and what a huge impact they’ve made.  We are so grateful for every small and big act of kindness.... new shoes, clothes, games, bible stories, a new library, storage building, just to name a few.  One of the most incredible updates I can give real quick is that my husband was led to start a 24/7 time of prayer and worship in the church at Mattaw while I was in Congo.  Our staff and children were fired up to be part of this.  I know part of the ease I faced being in Congo was because of the prayers that went up from 100 plus children and staff.  I was completely floored by it all and eternally grateful. I’ve started to sit in homes at Mattaw to hear testimonies of what took place at Mattaw and thrilled to hear more.  Healings, salvations, miracles.... It’s just life and what Jesus loves to do through his people.  
The journey now is to stay in that river, submerged, not swimming to shore.  I’m not sure what I thought, but I can tell you that the battle doesn’t end when leaving a mission.  We are always on a mission and need to always walk by the Spirit.  I was wrong to think I would just come home and swim to shore, and just lay out on the shore.  Yes, rest is important, I repeat, rest is vital!  But we can’t let our guard down and get out of the boat.  Stay in the boat and wether the storm with Jesus.  And yuck, our heart surfaces some pretty wretched stuff when we go through storms.  So he never stops transforming us in order for us to go deeper and walk into the more he has for us.  This is real talk here.  We’ve hit quite the storm in the last several days.  The joy of the Lord will be our strength.  I was weak and tired and wanted to retreat Saturday night but clearly heard “get up and go be with your family”.  So Sunday morning I wrangled the kids and off to Mattaw we went.  Church that morning was powerful and refreshing.  It was so evident that there had been 24/7 prayer and worship for 2 weeks.  And we are moving forward, not backing down when the enemy is trying to throw some hits.    Bud was with our fourth team that day and on the way to Kitale.  They had major vehicle break downs.  It took 12 hours for the team to arrive and what troopers they were!  And that too we overcame.  That morning we all prayed and worship and just welcomed the Lord and honored Him.  Again, saw worship bring heaven.  It brought peace in our midst.  It brought many healings for people battling various sicknesses.  It was a gorgeous site to see our children rise up to worship and pray.  

After praying for the vehicles that morning, we got word that they were on the road and moving!  One of our girls is in the hospital and it got real serious and emergency for awhile but she’s being healed and what is at work is coming to light.  She has pnumonia and is anemic.  There’s a few more tests to be done but she is being restored.  Pray for Mary!  The lists goes on with how many obstacles thrown our way but one thing is for sure, Jesus is King and still on the throne.  

I’ll be taking a break for a few weeks from blog writing to go stay put in that river.  But can’t wait to share more stories.  You can keep an eye out for Mattaw updates on the mattaw website.  Hey and be sure to check out Justice Rising!  Love them!  And they’re in need of help with school fees to get a group of boys into school that were extremely affected by war and this is one of the major steps to helping their life be restored with a hope and future.    

My heart in deep gratitude to my faithful Papa God who carried our team and I in and carried us out.

Massive thanks to the garden family, our home church, for interceding and praying for us... while bud held down the fort and oversaw teams and 24/7 prayer and worship and for the time I had my feet in Congo. 

Another major thanks to the rockstar husband I have for making this dream possible as well.

Much love and deepest thanks to everyone that is following our journey and praying.  I know the list goes on.    

13 June 2014

Fire and Oil

The truth I am continually reminded of is that we are to be burning ones.  That we were made to have the fire of God’s presence burning in us to the point that it is upon us and becomes a torch we take to the nations.  We are burning ones, sent out into the darkest places on the planet to bring the love and hope only found in Jesus.  Jesus Christ is the only one that can turn loss into gain, lack into abundance, negatives into positives, darkness into light, hate into love, bondage into freedom, failure into success, sickness into health, weakness into strength and evil into righteousness.  How are we burning and what are we burning for?  

Congo is five days away and everything in my core is burning to go.  That alone can only come from Jesus.  He is the one to set hearts apart and fire them up.  

“....He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.” Matthew 3:11  

He doesn’t just give us a mission and mandate without the power of Holy Spirit.  

“Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit’ says the Lord of hosts. Zech 4:6

I just read from Reinhard Bonke that if we “Separate the commission from the enabling, then you either have power without purpose or purpose without power”.

And what a beautiful comfort to know He doesn’t just send us, but He goes with us and we go with Him!  

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you, even to the end of the age”  Matthew 28:20

Whew!  What a comfort.  Jesus is STILL with us... even to the end of the age.  That’s NOW!

So then I’m dwelling on all this and bam, it’s like a duh moment of him showing me a simple picture of a kerosene lamp which is a very common item to be used around here :).  We have several around our house for those rainy nights that often bring power outages.

In order to be burning and to be a light, we must have the oil (kerosene) constantly being poured in, to keep on burning.  The oil is His presence.  It is how He created us, to be in relationship with God and keep filling up with HIM.  His abiding presence.  (john 15-17)  (Also this is like the parable of the virgins in Matthew 25)

We can’t go out to a dying world empty handed.  We first must be so full of Jesus that the overflow is what we give out.  And the oil of His presence is what sets us ablaze.  That’s where passion and zeal are, in the fire.  I heard a song recently and not sure who is was or I’d be sure to reference them but I wrote down what it said.  

“God gives fire to his beloved.  Fire is what sets human life apart form all other life.  It’s God’s image and very nature in us.  We are living in fire.  You are walking, talking, fire carriers.  Jesus said you are the light of the world.  God wants to declare to you that it’s normal for you to be burning for God.  It’s the very energy of the creator of the world.  It’s what’s around his throne and it’s what’s burning in your heart.”

This oil and fire, it’s for us all but we must embrace it, we must embrace HIM.  It’s about Jesus.  He is the mission, He is the one who calls, equips, sets apart and sends out.  This isn’t for the faint of heart... and it also isn’t just for the wild ones sent to Africa.  It’s for ALL :).  So no excuses on where you are.  Get lit up by His presence today.  It just takes one encounter and believing that the fire never has to die down, He is faithful, you need only to believe.  

12 June 2014

Little travelers

About these little world travelers of ours...

We geared up to travel with three small children last week.  In the past, we have had some crazy dreadful moments.  I'm thankful for lessons learned!  And that our children have grown up a bit... aaaannnd that my husband and I have learned even more how to love each other in some intense crazy moments.  

We were so thankful to be able to make an overnight in London.  It helped tremendously in overcoming jetlag.  My husband was super on top of knowing when we should sleep and not and I'm so thankful we could conquer jet lag quickly for our whole family.  Legoland in London made a world of a difference!  We flew in during the early morning, dropped our bags at the hotel and hit the ground running at Legoland Windsor.  

I'm thankful for the great attitudes, although we did have some lows.  It was overall a great trip.  Being able to run the kids all over Legoland so they would crash at night and get a full night sleep before the second looong flight was super helpful.  And when I say hit the ground running, we really ran all over this place. 

Elisha and Claire as lego people!

We did let them nap once during the day and it was when we found this lego girl and knew Claire would want to see that we found her!

Ice cream was a must at one point to keep 'em goin ;)

"Everything is awesome"

I'm oh so happy to be on this journey with this crazy man of mine.  We threw the kids in this awesome new play area in the London airport and sat together sipping on our last taste of starbucks.  

Thankful to still be {crazy} and in {love} after the many travels, trials, mountains, valley's, floods, good, bad, ugly, fun and adventures.  Excited for what all God has in store for us ahead to walk in! 

11 June 2014

Home again, home again...

We are HOME!  I have found wherever I go, there I am.  So where I am, I am home.  We are to bring heaven on earth and heaven is our home.  So there are some places I can consider home here on earth!  Of course some places are a deeper sense of home and right now I'm in one of those places.  Are you followin along my thought process here?!

Reuniting with our family here has been even greater than I thought it'd be.  It always is.  To hear and see all the growth that has taken place in such a short time is only something our Father can do!  He is oh so faithful.

Snuggling our littlest Sprouts babies, my girls at the rescue home tackling me with hugs and dancing with the church fam out at the children's village this past Sunday are just a few highlights.  There have been a few heartaches to come back to but geeze, Jesus is so much bigger than any difficulty thrown our way.  I CHOOSE to see the victories in our midst and do a happy dance seeing all the fruitfulness coming out of here.  There's quite a difference in being ignorant of the heartaches, acting like all is well when it's not...  and then overcoming them and letting Jesus heal and Him giving eyes to see past them, not dwelling on the negative but seeing the good in everything.  He truly makes beautiful things out of any mess.  But there's a choosing of where you let your heart and mind dwell.  Selah.

My wazungu (white) children have popped right back in and are thriving.  I can't thank God enough for this.  Playing with the children, being back with their brothers, dancing at church, eating Kenyan food, drinking chai and helping feed babies.  It's so good to be back for us all.  Did I mention that yet?

Today we met with our core Kenyan leaders and wow.  So good to hear all that God is stirring in hearts as everyone is hungry for more of Jesus.  About to get a 24/7 prayer and worship session going in our church house.  Come, Jesus, come!

As it's now almost midnight and I'm bouncing around after a night of latte's and game night with our boys (to which I won at rummy cube, this mama had to show her boys whats up :) ).  I'm now needing to finish this quick with some pictures and get to bed.  Thank you all that continue to stand with us and pray for us.  You are treasured in our hearts.

It's been so fun to come back and see how settled and at home Rebecca is.  So cute to hear the littles call her "Daka" because they can't pronounce her name fully.  

At the airport, Rebecca surprised us with Ryan and Moses.  We had fun driving back to Kitale from Eldoret with two of our little loves.

Claire with baby Maria 

Ezra chowing down on some ugali and sukumawiki (kale).  The boy can throw down some food like a Kenyan kid does.  And that's quite the statement!

Listening to my girls sing and this precious miracle came to snuggle.  My heart literally bursted.      (yes, those are my awesome rain shoes. hello rainy season and goodbye fashion)

And this gal is going through a phase of only wanting those she's with everyday.  It's taken quite the warming back up to us.  At least she lets Claire hold her.

Moses on the other hand just loves anyone to hold him.  Happy boy.

And always a joy to see this Moses thriving.  Another one of our miracle babies.

02 June 2014

Lil Mo

Hey yall,

Well it's a whirlwind around here as we are organizing and packing everything up to head back to the other side of the big pond.  The best way I can put it into words about leaving is that we are beyond thrilled to leave and be back in our other home and with our Mattaw family but we are oh so sad to be apart from the family and friends here in San Angelo.  What an incredible time its been.  God is so faithful to do all He promised He would wile here.... nothing missing, nothing unfinished.  I love His ways!  Although sometimes super uncomfortable, His ways are ALWAYS worth it.  We were able to visit several different states where we shared our heart and vision.  Thank you all so much that loved us, hosted us, fed us (great food!!!), blessed Mattaw, encouraged and loved loved loved.  To all of those that we saw and all those that took time to listen to the testimonies, we are so grateful for you!

Our hearts are bubbling over especially with that deep real love that can only come from Jesus.  I'm especially ready to go snuggle a few of our littlest ones with that love.  The last post on here that I wrote was pretty heart wrenching so it's pretty necessary to share about another babe that's life is thriving now.  Since we left a few months ago, our full time volunteer remained in Kitale and helped mostly with our Sprouts' babies.  Can't wait to tackler her too ;-).  I know she has served and loved with all she has and I'm so ready to go grab a latte in town with her to hear even more of the testimonies in the past couple of months.  While here though, what a blessing for technology and getting updates and pictures.  I just had to share of God's goodness in one of the little lives.  One of the biggest miracle and testimonies of Jesus' healing power is in this precious treasure.  Little Moses (Lil Mo), is indeed a sign and wonder from Heaven.  About a month ago, we were told that he was loosing weight drastically and not eating well.  It was one thing after another and they were days away from him getting a feeding tube.  Praise God, healing came again and Lil Mo continues to be restored.  Not only is he gaining weight and the new feeding schedule and menu is helping but he's now baby talking and belly laughing.  He was almost just a blob and not doing or saying anything.  His laugh and smile is heaven on earth... for reals!

Here's Moses the first week we got him back in July last year

And here he is about a week ago!

Praise Jesus!

My children are also all ready to get back home to Kenya.  And when I say all my children, I'm so thrilled that Caleb is also getting to go back with us for the summer!  It's been two years since he's been back and we've been laughing at all the differences he's forgotten about to go back to.  It'll be so good to have all seven children back in our home.

More later.....

21 May 2014

Luke --> Light

Hey yall,

This Saturday we are super excited to have our first annual Race2Rescue for the Mattaw Children.  If you haven't signed up yet, there's still space and shirts left.  CLICK HERE to sign up.  If you can't actually attend, you can still run where you are and donate towards the event.  All proceeds go to our children.  And why walk and/or run for these children?  Here's one story to motivate you.  Our hope is to prevent cases like this.

Just a few days ago we were made aware of a new baby needing a home.  We prayed knowing it was likely that Mattaw Sprouts baby home would gain a new little one.  Within 24 hours the sweet baby went from here into the Father's arms in heaven.  The injustice just shakes us but we are not moved knowing that the justice from God is what remains.  I share this story to bring some light to the realities we face where we live.

Rebecca, our full time volunteer was there with another missionary from another baby home that had also fought for the babies life.  Here's the short story from the missionary that Rebecca was at the hospital with:  This precious newborn was found abandoned in a plastic bag with open sores all over his body. He was found in a field still attached to his placenta. He was very dehydrated and weak and needed a lot of care so we went to the hospital to give him some care and love but unfortunately overnight he passed away. He had no name so we decided to call him Luke meaning "light". Perhaps his short life might motivate others by shining a light on this harsh reality here.

And here's from the heart of Rebecca:
I have such a heavy heart today and my heart is so angry at the injustice in this world. We, Mattaw Sprouts, anticipated taking this little angel home, but instead he went to his heavenly home. I have been through such a range of emotions that I can't even begin to explain, but all of us involved wanted this sweet boy's short life to mean something. When you witness something so unjust play out before your eyes it does something to you. We have all gone through a list of "What if's" wondering if we could have done something differently for sweet Luke. However, as I poured my heart out at Jesus' feet he sweetly spoke to me and said "I didn't put you there to save him, I put you there to love him." We did all we could to care for this sweet boy and trust that he is healed and whole in his Father's arms. So incredibly grateful that God chose for Jedidah and I to go through this together, because it just soothes my heart when someone else just gets "it" when I can't even put "it" into words. You are such a blessing Jedidah and baby Luke knew love on this earth because you helped fight for him and love him!

Vindicate the weak and fatherless; Do justice to the afflicted and destitute.  Psalms 82:3

Thankful for those that the Father sent to let Luke know he's loved and not alone before he went to be with Jesus.  

05 May 2014


I know I havent blogged hardly as much in the past year as I used to in the early days!  And I really do hope it'll flow again.  This season has been one of holding onto the pictures, the testimonies, the revelations that Holy Spirit will continue to unravel and waiting to write it out.  This season has been one of walking through things so deep that I've been at a loss for words to even begin to tell it.  It's like if I type it out, the words wont do justice for what really happened.  But here I am, pen in hand, or computer at fingertips, and just sharing as it comes...

Jesus just keeps rocking our world in ways we couldn't have dreamed up on our own.  The more we run after Him, or moreso with Him hand in hand, the more He reveals Himself and I can't do anything but keep falling in love.  I wanted to share with you something so deep and personal and some might not think so but wow, how precious in my heart it is!  If you've followed us for long, you know my hearts dream and desire since I was 16 years old has been to go to Congo.  If I let my mind go to the night it all happened, there in my bedroom in the year 2000, when Jesus crashed in on my life and I had a radical encounter with HIS heart, I can still feel the urgency and longing of my heart to go like I did then.  I wont get into the nitty gritty details but I will share that since that night, I have asked Jesus when I get to go.  The beginning of every year I'll ask if it's the year to go.  I've learned, sometimes the hard way, that's its always best to wait on Papa God's perfect timing.  Not moving too quickly and at the same time, not delaying.  I haven't really had the slightest idea of how or when I would go, but I've just held it in my heart and not letting go.  I know its the same desire He is putting in so many across the world to go and be and do, just as Jesus did and does still today.  He is looking for radical obedience for us to awaken to our destiny and calling.  He isn't looking for the qualified but for those that'll lay down their life at any cost.  I know that this urgency to go into a place is also put in many others for a specific time or place.  Sometimes that fierce love is put in you for the one across the street, the child in your class, those trapped in modern day slavery, the man on death row, the orphan, the widow, the poor, the ones in government, and the list goes on right?  But He puts this fire in you and maybe it's for today, well I know it's for everyday, but maybe its something specific for a year from now or even 14 years from now.  But he asks you to not abort this calling.  Our first fierce love is to Jesus, yes.  That is 24/7.  And its in that place where it's just you and Him that He will bring the fire and keep fanning that fire that He puts in you.  Hope you are followin me here.

Moving to Africa was out of such an intense love for the one that first loved me, Jesus.  That was the simplest and craziest explanation.  And every step of going more places and reaching more people for the sake of His name, has always come with stretching and often times of testing.  This year I didn't really ask Papa God if this was the year but it was very much fresh on my heart.  I then dreamed one night that I went into Congo and had met up with some people to go in.  Up until this point, I wasn't sure when or how or with who I would go in with the first time I went.  In the dream though it was clear who it was but I held onto it and wanted to make sure it wasn't just my soul wishin it to happen.  Soon after, the leader in our home church in Texas saw in a vision one night at one of the gatherings in our church that this was the year.  She laid it out plainly and asked one of my dearest friends to communicate it all to me.  It lined up exactly with the dream I had.  I was astonished at how incredibly faithful Holy Spirit was to bring that much detailed confirmation.  Even though He's done it like this many times in the past, it's still just as incredible each time He speaks so clearly and personally.  He just loves to love us.  Without going crazy and shouting from the rooftop from every house I could (which I did jump around and dance a bit, I must admit!), I went low and asked for the next step.  My incredible husband affirmed it as well and was willing to stay with the kids while I would go on a short term trip this year.  The people I had seen in my dream sure enough were going this year and sure enough had a spot on a team that would be working with them and welcomed me to come.  Could my heart be any more fuller?!  I think not!  But then the resistance came, the testing came.  When I was 16, the response was easy to say yes.  I was young, was more naive, wasn't married and didn't have children.  (not that it isn't hard for some in a place similar to that, but it was for me)  I knew that I knew that this first trip would be just me going from our family but fear tried to knock on my door.  Fear does not play nice either.  It creeps in when you least expect and we must not take it lightly but destroy it with that fierce love put there by Jesus.  Once you start giving attention to fear, it'll just get worse and bring more deception.  So I was aware and was quick to let Jesus destroy the dumb lies.  It's an all out war for the souls to be harvested here in the end time.  I've never been more convinced than now that Jesus' return is oh so soon.  There is an injustice like never before.  But there is so much HOPE that needs to go into the darkest places in the earth.  As the dark gets darker, the light is getting lighter!  If you look at the statistics in Congo, you'd know why the fear struck.  It's the rape capital of the world and worst place for a woman or little girl to live.  There's a brutal physical war taking place and their most used weapon in war?  Rape.  But I am convinced that there is nothing too hard or too dark for Jesus.  His radiant love is already bursting into villages in this nation and I'm so thrilled I get to go this year to be a part of bringing more hope, love and justice.  There's a team I'll meet up with this June from an organization called Burn 24/7.  We'll bus it into Congo form Rwanda for 10-12 days.  It'll be a team of radical lovers of Jesus who will sing worship and intercede in the nation with ground breaking prayers.

I had to be reminded though of that first love encounter I had with Jesus when I was young and also the radical obedience to say yes to Congo when I was 16.  The fire never goes away but it can sometimes burn down because of maybe a phase of life we are in.  But God reminded me not to loose my sense of wonder for Him and for the nation of Congo.  I have dreamed for years of what that nation can be and have prayed many prayers.  The scripture about having faith like a child comes to life once again to me as I keep pressing on to run this race.  I watch my littles, who are now 6, 4 and 1 years old.  And daily their eyes are full of so much wonder as they discover so many things in life.  Especially to watch the joy and innocence on my one year old when the most simple things happen like blowing bubbles, swinging, seeing me walk in a room after being gone 20 minutes.  They have faith and wonder that I don't want to loose for Jesus and for the people and nations he's called me and my family to.  To go along with all I'm saying, there's this incredible new cd out from bethel.  After Papa God spoke to my heart on all that's above, I listened to a song on this new CD that put it so simply.  Hope it'll bless your socks off too so here it is below...


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