Our Kiddos

We currently have five children living with us.  Two are our biological children.  Elisha is four years old and Claire is 2 years old.  We also have Ian and Daniel who were once street children but we rescued them July 2007.  They are now our sons and part of our family.  Ian is 14 years old and Daniel is 12 years old.  They are going to school at Mattaw.  Caleb is also part of our family.  He is 19 years old and not a child anymore but just as much a part of our family as Daniel and Ian.  Caleb was in the sixth grade living at the first orphanage I lived at and we ensured he got a good education through high school.  He is now interning for Mattaw and will soon go to college.

I'll be posting some pictures of them on this tab soon!  


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