24 April 2009

I love Lucy

Well, I wasn't planning to blog again today but have an urgent prayer request and story that I have to share. I am so exhausted from today but wide awake thinking about little tiny itty bitty Lucy. Another day where we set out with things to do and the Lord busted through that list and sent us in another direction. This morning Hollie and I set out to go fill out child case records and medical history of each child that will come into house two. We first went to Jeniphers house, or shall I say hut. Jenipher is the girl who has a twin but the grandmother refuses to send her back because she wants her to take care of her until she dies. She also is the girl who lost two younger siblings in the past year. The aunt is taking care of her but seems so tired and worn out. Humphrey went with us to help ask questions and explain things. Oh and most importantly he was translating. One part of the interview that was so funny, at least to me, was when we started asking about a birth certificate for Jenipher. The aunt just laughed and said she was born here. I asked "what do you mean here?" like in this village, at a clinic or hospital around "here". Oh no, she was born HERE, as in the room we were sitting in! Hollie said "born and raised" ...literally. Towards the end of our interview we asked about siblings and found out she also has a 13 yr old sister that is a house girl for an uncle somewhere up north. The uncle though has to have some major surgery soon. Such a torn and broken family. So we were about to leave and in came Lucy into our lives. They mentioned a girl that was abandoned and small for her age. I asked what they meant by that. So we walked over to another group of mud huts. On the way a group of children followed us. Humphrey was able to find out a bit from the older children about Lucy. Her mother abandoned her when she was born. Her father left this past January. He was renting a mud hut but one night dropped Lucy in the neighbors field and ran away to somewhere up north. They said she is three or four years old. The neighbor that was taking care of her and who was renting the mud hut to Lucy's father and mother for some years said she is four. We found Lucy sitting on the dirty ground with nothing but a torn and tattered old over sized shirt. She had wet herself not long before we got there. I immediately picked her up and wanted to vomit and cry all at the same time. I was thrown into shock. My mind turned into a state of emergency for Lucy. So little, so fragile. I thought I would break her. Very similar to Eric. As we walked there I said today this is "the one" we're stopping for. She can't talk but understands almost everything you say to her (in Swahili of course). She wasn't scared of us at all and had reached her hands up when I walked over to her. I said in Swahili to her, you want to go? And she grunted a yes. I asked where and she pointed towards the car. So we explained some stuff about Mattaw to the neighbor that was keeping her and she gladly released Lucy to us. The aunt of Jenipher was very happy to see we had taken her. We got in the car and Lucy happily waved bye to the large group of children that had gathered around our car. It was the first crack of a smile we saw. So change of plans for the day! We went to our house where Bud and the rest of the family met her. I fed Jenipher a pb&j and off we went to sister Freda's. Oh did I mention Jenipher came with us? I felt the urgency to get her tested and praise God she was negative! They said her mother and siblings passed away from it. Bud drove us out to Sister Freda's and Lucy was admitted. She'll be there a few nights. Monday baby Georgie moves in with Julius and Christabell. Just in time to take in Lucy. After admitting Lucy; Hollie, Bud and Nicole went back to the house while I spent the rest of the afternoon loving on Lucy. Bud had to do some grocery shopping's for the home and take Jenipher home. I just held Lucy, praying and loving on her. First though they washed her and dug out the jiggers in her feet. That was an awful experience. I had to hold her while the nurse poked with a needle and dug the eggs out. She then washed her feet with some type of peroxide to kill them all. Lucy screamed and kicked. It was so sad. They then washed her up and we cut her extremely long fingernails. I'm sure her nails had never been cut in her life. She also had a few jiggers in her hands. Her head has worms and cheeks are swollen. Her back has scrapes all over. Her body has scars everywhere. She is so sweet though and would try and communicate. She would often smile at us. I love Lucy so much! Oh and feeding her. They gave me black beans, rice and potatoes to feed her. It was obvious she had never eaten from a spoon. She kept biting it, it was so painful sounding. She was trying to eat so fast that she would bite her cheeks and grind her teeth. I kept having to tell her to slow down. She would point to the potatoes trying to get the message across that they were better than beans. It was a good day but I was so drained emotionally and physically. I am so thankful God sent Nicole along our path. She has come through Love Mercy (Ryan-hippie dude) but has spent some time with us. Her, Mercy, Hollie and I have had fun this week going to aerobics and watching chick flicks. The girls prayed on me this evening, it was such a blessing. I had a one minded mission to rescue and save Lucy that the emotions of it all didn't come until tonight. I mean of course when we got her I was so heart broken but I didn't let it weaken me until tonight. So now I'm going to go crash out and start a new day tomorrow. Please pray refreshed sleep for Bud and I. (and Hollie too! she does so much for us!) I know these are awful pictures but they are showing the reality and we will be posting updated pictures of a new Lucy, a strong healthy Lucy! Here's from today...
Bud holding Lucy, remember she's four yrs old

Jiggers in the feet, this wasn't even the bad part of her foot
Please pray for Lucy and for abandonment in her mind to be renewed with the love of Jesus. She would not let me put her down the entire time in the hospital. When it came time to leave I handed her to a nurse and she just cried and cried. It was so hard for me to leave but I had my white chocolate baby to get home to and take care of. I know she is in good hands tonight. I will be visiting her first thing in the morning. Hollie and I will then go get kids to get their polio vaccine and take Sophia and Jose to the Dr. They are sick with coughing stuff. Could be tuberculosis. Then I hope to go back out and spend more time with Lucy. Thank you for the prayers. Anyone that feels led to paying her hospital bill, lemme know. Eric's bill was taken care of and a bit over $100 total for 10 days. Lucy should only be in for 2-3 days.
Stopping for the one,


bob said...

wow Kimbali - wow

Ellemieke said...

We'll be praying for complete healing for Lucy and all your kids.
We'll be praying for you, Bud and your beautifull son for good rest, health and love!!!

Todd & Bonnie Huckabee said...

Kim, thanks so much for sharing this journey with us . . . we are praying for Lucy and cheering that she is now with you and Bud!! Keep us posted!

Todd & Bonnie Huckabee said...

thanks for sharing your journey with us back home. . .we are praying for Little Lucy and the plans God has for her!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog, even if I don't get to it for a couple of weeks--each time I sit down to read about your journey it brings tears to my eyes seeing how God is working thru you, Bud and Hollie. I'm glad my list of children to pray for continues to get longer as you continue to rescue them and share God's love!!! I will continue to lift you,Bud, Hollie and all of those precious children up in prayer.--even that little white kid that loves coke.

Krissie said...

Awesome! I am amazed that I actually know you guys personally and you are rescueing children! Thank you for your devotion and daily sacrifices. Tell Isaac and Vivian and Humphrey, Jambo! We are praying for you ALL every day. Love, Krissie Dumm

Anonymous said...

Kimberly - I need you acct. info. so that I can get money to you! FB me if you need to so that I can give you the cell # again. Love you! Shannon

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