15 June 2009

Eli n Lulu

I know I said I was doing a ministry update this time but found I had some cute pictures of Eli and Lulu to post. Aren't they just adorable!? I guess I'm not sharing on ministry stuff because it'll take awhile to write out some stories. Next time. I don't have much time right now. Bud is at men's prayer with Jim and I am home getting ready for the day.

Jim and Lavina leave today to go to Nairobi. They are picking up Julie tonight and will spend a few days there. Lavina flies back home in a few days and Jim will meet the girls in Lemoru with Julie. Aubrey, Jessica and Becca will hang around here until Friday. Not sure what they're doing (we hardly ever know!) but they might come out to Mattaw some.

Tomorrow our friend Joylyn leaves to go back to the U.S. We are SO sad! She had malaria pretty bad last time she was here and got really sick in the states this last trip home. She was almost recovered and then got malaria again a few weeks ago. She was going home for a few weeks but the Lord is taking her to the States for a long period of time now so she can recover. It is super hard for her, I can hardly imagine what she is going through, so please pray for her. She is with global children's movement out of California and has done some teachings out at our home. We're excited for the day she gets to come back! Today some of us girls will be hanging out with her. Maybe a trip to the pool, that's a good place to fellowship as girls right?!

Nickole with Love Mercy ministry is still here. She will go back to the states in two weeks. I'm so sad for her to leave too! I guess with all the teams coming through, it wont be as hard. That is one thing I miss so much in the states... friendships! It's so hard here because a lot of people come and go. We still get close with people knowing they'll leave but it's hard. One of the many things we sacrifice but the ways God blesses and loves on us is better than anything else!

Enjoy the pics of our beautiful two children....


My sister in law, Kim, is so amazing. I mean, I know I repeat myself in saying that, but she is! She went to the store with her twin three year old boys (that alone is a big task!), I'm sure Pierce, the baby Elisha's age, was with them. The boys helped pick out material to make their cousin Elisha a blanket. He LOVES it! Lucy enjoyed it as well. The played on it and watched a movie together.
Love yall!



Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your heart for Kenya. I am Phil & Dalene's cousin Julia. I really enjoy reading your blog and look forward to checking out your work next time I am in Kenya.

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