20 April 2016

M4 Turkana Kids Camp: Day Three

It's a good morning here in the desert.  Our team is sleeping well, sickness is staying out of our camp and God is so gracious to give us strength in our weakness. 

Day three. 

Day three started again with rain. It cleared out earlier this time. We were thankful for hot ugii (porridge) to warm us. 

And can you guess who was happy about having puddles to jump in...

Our ugii is made of sourgum, millet, peanuts and maize. And let's not forget the sugar!  Tamu sana (so sweet). Everyone keeps commenting how good it is. It's the little things to bring smiles. 

On day three we saw Jesus continue to love on His kids big. So many of them do not know the most simple things about Gods kingdom. The oldest boys were out on the field playing soccer, then Ian gathered them up to teach them how to pray. It was the first time most of them had ever prayed. They went around in their circle and prayed out loud to Jesus. One said "thank you Jesus that we made it a cross the river this morning and it didn't wash me away". Because when it rains here, it tends to flood. In our little girls class, they opened up to share how many have bad dreams and are so fearful at night. One shared a witch dr visits her in her sleep. It was incredible to see them understand the power of the name of Jesus as we equipped them on how to pray when this happens.  In their language they all practiced saying "leave in Jesus' name and Holy Spirit fill me and my house". We watched them gain confidence in being children of God that are sooooo loved. We continued to speak Gods heart and love for them and watched fear leave. Not even the best ugii or chai is sweeter than that! 

Our team continues to love and serve beautifully.  Yesterday during the opening assembly, our youth boldly worshipped like we've never seen. Sophia stood to share her testimony and we couldn't be more proud of her. She came to Mattaw years ago as a shy and fearful child. It's only Jesus that could have brought such a huge transformation in her life. The first night here she shared in our team meeting that this is a dream come true for her.  Pray for them as the last two days can be a challenge to give it your all. 


NeNe said...

I cannot thank you enough for the phenomenal job you have done in sharing this camp with us. My eyes have so enjoyed seeing where my heart has been this week. Love you all the way to Turkana. .

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