19 April 2016

Day Two

Day two of the kids camp was full of our Abba's goodness. The morning of, it rained non stop from 4am-10am. We counted it a blessing and we're thankful this dry land had a big drink from the sky. The rains delayed the start of our day but it sure didn't hinder any work Jesus wanted to do. We showed up at the camp grounds around 11 and found maybe 20 children. In our American mindsets, it could have caused some stress but thankfully we are in Turkana where it's not just Kenyan time but even slower. Hakuna matatu --- it means no worries. So we sat up the sound system under a beautiful tree while the children were fed their breakfast. By 12:30 we started with a couple hundred children.  The youth from the local church led worship, then our team led. It was beautiful to watch hearts turn to God and lift up praises to His name. The atmosphere shifted and peace was felt. We had several mamas come as well who danced like no one was watching. They sure know how to dance!  The gospel was shared again as well as what the Father and Jesus is like according to the Word. We watched Jesus harvest souls again for His Kingdom and rejoice with the angels over names written in heaven. The two nights before, I was physically just done.  Let's be real, the struggle was real. Our flesh gets weak when the conditions aren't comfortable. Bucket baths, the heat, being surrounded by people non-stop, oily food, kids crying... I mean I could go on and on but if you can catch where discomfort and complaining are trying to come into your camp and make a choice to rise above it and put your focus where is should be, it gives Holy Spirit opportunity to move in our midst. And then you realize how absolutely blessed we are to GET to do this. We saw little bellies fed, faces with big smiles and Gods Kingdom advanced. The teams had fun in the field playing games and laughing. Beans and rice was eaten with joy and we finished up around 4pm.   

Thank you for praying and journeying with us here this week. On our way to kick off day three and it looks like the heavens want to dump buckets of water on the land again!  


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