21 April 2016

M4 Turkana Kids Camp: Day 4!

Day four was the absolute best yet. God miraculously keeps bringing much order and the flow of the day was easier. Nothing like this has ever been done here or anywhere nearby so it took a few days for the kids to understand the flow. Things such as why we divide into groups, the flags for each team (which I had to explain had no religious meaning -- some religions baptize with flags or use them to represent just weird stuff -- TIA). They also got the hang of making cheers for their tribe/team. We have six groups, each having a name from the 12 tribes of Israel. Our youth from Mattaw have really stepped up to lead and love on the kids in big ways!  

 We had a competition yesterday of whose cheer was best and the pastors voted for the winner. The winners were given candy so you can bet the next day theyre louder and more creative. Videos to come!  Speaking of videos. We are so very blessed to have S'ambrosia and Ray traveling with us. If you need to hire someone for video and pictures in Kenya, they're the ones to call!  While Ray has been busy taking the most stunning pictures and videos this week, Sam has helped serve by being a tribe leader. Yesterday she had the brilliant idea to paint fingernails in her group as they waited patiently for their teaching time.  Although the girls were a little too excited to do this for the first time and became super pushy, it was sweet to see how no matter the culture, girls will be girly girls if you give them a bottle of sparkly blue nail polish. 

Worship on day four was so sweet again. At the end it turned into a dance party for Jesus. Turkanans love to jump so it gets the dirt rising and ground shaking. Too much fun!  

Yesterday I shared of how we were able to equip these littles on how to pray and defeat darkness by simply speaking the name of Jesus. I mentioned a little girl who shared about a witch dr that comes in her dreams. Today in class she testified that she dreamed the night before that her mom sent her to fetch water and the witch dr came but she rebuked it in Jesus' name and she was kept safe. PRAISES TO JESUS!!  How rockin awesome is that?!  What a gift Jesus is even to the littlest. 

In the 8-12 yr old girls class, they were a bit stand off, rude or shy at the beginning of the week. Today they listened intently to the lesson and when offered to be prayed for, almost all came to the front of the class. Many were battling sickness or asked for prayer that no one would fight in their homes. They left feelin loved and with big smiles. In the oldest boys class, they shared how most don't have a bible and know very little. They were taught about the old and testament and books in the bible.  Powerful to see the young boys hunger for the word. 

We ended the day again with everyone getting a massive plate of beans and rice. We are so thankful for the mamas from the church who have worked day and night to make sure food is prepared and cooked well.  So thankful for the prayers covering this week!  They are oh so felt.  And thankful God gifted us with our own three littles that can also push through challenges and love the children here. They really do add so much joy and laughter to the ministry we do here. Missions as a family can come with loads of challenges and testing of our faith but Jesus is just so stinkin faithful.  


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