18 April 2016

Lokore Turkana Kids Camp 2016... Day One

Today we started our second kids camp to have in Turkana.  We are so thankful for all those that joined in from across the sea through finances and prayers to help make this happen!  I just crawled up into our tent where we are staying under the biggest sky full of stars here in Kakuma town.  We have a team from the Mattaw Children's Village again that has come on a mission trip to help lead and serve this week.  We partner with a local church to help strengthen what they're already doing.  Today was day ONE.  It was a beautiful chaos... to say the least.  There were a lot of pieces that couldn't come together until the morning of but we watched God move in the chaos, bring order and most importantly see lives loved on in big ways.  We are able to feed little tummies porridge for breakfast and then beans and rice for lunch.  We had around 250 children today.  We dived into teams according to ages.  We had 5 teams today and tomorrow will plan on 6.  Each team has a color and name from the tribes of Israel.  Todays lesson was on the gospel of the Kingdom as we are laying a foundation with Jesus so He can build on it.  As crazy as it seemed throughout our first day, Jesus moved and saved souls.  Our team pressed through the challenges and were flexible to love and serve however they could.  I'll let the pictures tell the story of today and share more words tomorrow :),

Our team coming from getting sticks to hang their team flags on 

Younger girls group out in the field playing games

It was good to the last drop :)


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