18 August 2015

M4 Turkana Kid's Camp: Day 2

Hello again from the desert!  Day 1 was good but Day 2 was even better!  And we expect everyday will keep going that way. It's a learning experience, that's for sure!  Little things help in the long run. Like when to sort beans for lunch, when to give children water, how to organize 1,000 children to feed them and so on.  Our team is incredible. And that's a fact!  No offense to you Americans but our Kenyan team is perfect for this first kid's camp. They are for sure made for this!  It's beautiful to see Kenyans raise up to help bring up the next generation of laid down lovers of Jesus.  It's powerful to see a youth that was once a little boy sleeping on the streets, begging for food, stealing and high on glue... This youth is now transformed, totally in love with Jesus, equipped with the full gospel, empowered with Holy Spirit and now a leader to hundreds of children. It's miraculous!  And what it takes to see this generation break out of rebellion and bring revival. 

Yesterday, as you can see above in the pictures, our feeding lines doubled!  

Good to the last drop!  

Dorcas doing what she does best, Sharing the power and love of Jesus in the classroom. 

Sweetest littles... 

But don't let those smiles trick ya, they have all sorts of tricks. This sweet little went around all day sneaking into classes and causing trouble. But love never fails!  That love our team carries had her softened up to obey by the end of the day. Love always wins. 

And of course, Claire found her own little crew to love on.  Here she is in her element. 

On day two, the children heard about who Jesus is and scriptures that tell of His character. They then heard how Papa God is the same!  He's not in a bad mood!  He's in a good mood and loves His children and wants all to come into His family!  And Jesus' life showed the world who God is as He walked this earth. Jesus was the perfect example of God's heart on earth. And now we get to carry that same mission!  

We hope through these picture and short testimonies that you feel this week you are here in the crowd (in picture above)!  Thank you for your continued prayers and support!!  Prayers are oh so needed! 


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