19 August 2015

M4 Turkana Kids Camp: Day 3

Day 3!  Oh what an incredible day it was!  

What a ride. Jesus is just absolutely beautiful in how he does EVERYTHING in its time. Day one and two we learned A LOT. So much order had come and we know there's more to come. It's crazy to say the least! Usually you'd have a handful of kids in a group of 1,000 that stand out as the trouble makers.  You know the ones, always fighting and causing trouble, talking when we talk, pinching, biting, pushing, stealing. Well, in this group it's the opposite. Almost ALL started out like that on day one. Praise God though, we keep pushing through to see them as God does and LOVE ALWAYS WINS.

On day two I was so stirred, knowing many need to come into Gods family and I went to bed asking the Lord when do we put the call out and make time for them to let God work on hearts. Day 3 morning I didn't think much of it until we got up to lead worship. I taught them a new song about the fruits of the spirit and BAM. The gospel started flowing out of that and we shared with them how bad fruit is hitting, anger, biting, pinching, rebellion, disobedience, etc. and what good fruit it. Before we started, Mama Grace and I knew the presence was thick. Grace said "mom, the fire and power of Holy Spirit is felt this morning". And that was a good clue to me to give time for the Lord to harvest souls! So we did! Around 50 or more stood and gave their lives to Jesus.  We were covered with Holy Spirit goosebumps!  Everything is flowin now! And it's all so simple. Feed bellies and feed souls. And they get born again! I could feel the fire of Holy Spirit to my core as I got to tell them that their names are now written in the Lambs book of Life and all of heaven rejoices.  And no person or religion can erase their name! We then praised and worshipped Jesus and I saw the most beautiful vision of Jesus sitting down and these kids jumping all over Jesus, on his lap, his arms, his shoulders. And Jesus just calmly sat there full of joy as his children came "home". All glory and praise to God! Oh he is faithful.  

In the classrooms, our four teachers went over again what salvation in Jesus is and asked those that made the decision in the big meeting to again stand up. In the classes there were about double the number!  In the classroom setting, our teachers are able to teach more on what it means to follow Jesus and more understanding comes to the children. Jesus tells us to have faith like children and again, I'm learning what that means. They get it and don't hold back when it comes to responding to the full, undiluted gospel!  

One of our youth, Vane, from mattaw has really come alive as she's leading these children. It was a beautiful site yesterday to see her pray for the children that wanted prayer. 

The picture below you can see a little child on the back of his big sister.  This is a common site as many older children are pretty much raising their younger siblings. We notice how when they are given water or food, their immediate instinct is to give their baby siblings. We are praying that mothers and fathers would break this cycle. That they would be mothers and fathers and children would be free to be children again and not stressed about where they'll get food to feed their baby siblings. MALACHAI 4!  

Yesterday our nurse Rebecca who works full time with us at Mattaw Children's Village, noticed a super tiny baby. The big sister was carrying this baby. The big sister being maybe 12. We found this baby to be at least 2 and some neighbors are saying maybe even 3 or 4. We have a huge heart to see malnourished babes restored and healed as we have brought in several like this to mattaw and have seen radical transformation. We knew it was an even bigger problem here and currently have partnerships forming to help bring in vitamins and food packets to help these babes. And here's our first of many. Rebecca about put her in her backpack to bring home :-) but we are thankful the babe has a mom so we will work with the mom to bring education and help her bring this precious little back to life. And guess what this little babe's name is? LUCY!  Another little malnourished Lucy that we get to see the love of Jesus restore her. 

Claire begged us over and over again to hold the baby until she finally convinced us she would be gentle. Not only was she gentle but she put baby Lucy to sleep.   While all the children were in classes or playing games, Claire sat in a claire for hours holding Lucy. I just thought I loved babies a lot ever since I was a young girl like Claire. But this girl, she has a double portion of love compared to what I had. And I love it!  I'm learning from her :). 

One again, our team and I just arrived for day four. I thought we'd become more tired as the days go on but Jesus is giving us strength supernaturally and we are more fired up today than any other day. We praise God for keeping sickness out of our camp and leadership group. We appreciate your prayers!  


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