17 August 2015

M4 Turkana Kids Camp: Day 1

(Hello in the Turkana language)

We are up here in Turkana having a blast as we kicked off day one of the children's camp. It was absolutely crazy and wonderful at the same time. 

I've heard a few stories of how revival with children can be messy. Why yes it is!  We have 10 of our youth from Mattaw Children's Village here with us as well as 4 staff. We are partnering with a local church to see the gospel of Jesus' Kingdom come on earth. It's been a beautiful first of many to come!  We asked our youth last night during debriefing time how the day was. The first one said "it's amazing and hot!"  And Bud said "yep, that's how revival feels". It's that simple. The gospel shared, hearts turned to the children (M4:Malachai 4) and the fire of the Holy Spirit. It's pretty amazing and hot!  

We had around 600 children come yesterday and it went as well it could for that many! We fed them porrige for breakfast. 

Then we met all together to do worship, praying and introductions. We have them divided by age and gender into 8 groups. Each group has a name of a tribe of Israel as well as a team color. 

We have volunteers from Mattaw as well as the local church, to help be tribe leaders. We then split the groups into younger tribes and older tribes. The older tribes go for teachings in the classroom first while the younger ones go for games in the field. Or you could call their field a massive beach with no water :-). 

And here's some snaps of the teaching times... 

We then feed them beans and rice for lunch and then gather again to talk about the morning and having closing announcements. 

It didn't take long to see what we have heard.  So much rebellion. But God sees them differently. When you get into the heart of God to see these kids as He does, it changes everything. We saw many fights break out as many are carrying hate and anger from their parents. But we know Jesus' love always wins!  A new generation. Changed for Gods glory. We are believing this week for each child to truly encounter the real love of the Farher. 

Thank you all that have sown in finances and prayers to make this happen.  MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU!  

Our team and I just showed up for day two so gotta go!  More updates to come....

Our BEAUTIFUL volunteers serving with hearts of gold....

(Sorting beans)

My boy... Sure love doing this as a family....


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