02 June 2014

Lil Mo

Hey yall,

Well it's a whirlwind around here as we are organizing and packing everything up to head back to the other side of the big pond.  The best way I can put it into words about leaving is that we are beyond thrilled to leave and be back in our other home and with our Mattaw family but we are oh so sad to be apart from the family and friends here in San Angelo.  What an incredible time its been.  God is so faithful to do all He promised He would wile here.... nothing missing, nothing unfinished.  I love His ways!  Although sometimes super uncomfortable, His ways are ALWAYS worth it.  We were able to visit several different states where we shared our heart and vision.  Thank you all so much that loved us, hosted us, fed us (great food!!!), blessed Mattaw, encouraged and loved loved loved.  To all of those that we saw and all those that took time to listen to the testimonies, we are so grateful for you!

Our hearts are bubbling over especially with that deep real love that can only come from Jesus.  I'm especially ready to go snuggle a few of our littlest ones with that love.  The last post on here that I wrote was pretty heart wrenching so it's pretty necessary to share about another babe that's life is thriving now.  Since we left a few months ago, our full time volunteer remained in Kitale and helped mostly with our Sprouts' babies.  Can't wait to tackler her too ;-).  I know she has served and loved with all she has and I'm so ready to go grab a latte in town with her to hear even more of the testimonies in the past couple of months.  While here though, what a blessing for technology and getting updates and pictures.  I just had to share of God's goodness in one of the little lives.  One of the biggest miracle and testimonies of Jesus' healing power is in this precious treasure.  Little Moses (Lil Mo), is indeed a sign and wonder from Heaven.  About a month ago, we were told that he was loosing weight drastically and not eating well.  It was one thing after another and they were days away from him getting a feeding tube.  Praise God, healing came again and Lil Mo continues to be restored.  Not only is he gaining weight and the new feeding schedule and menu is helping but he's now baby talking and belly laughing.  He was almost just a blob and not doing or saying anything.  His laugh and smile is heaven on earth... for reals!

Here's Moses the first week we got him back in July last year

And here he is about a week ago!

Praise Jesus!

My children are also all ready to get back home to Kenya.  And when I say all my children, I'm so thrilled that Caleb is also getting to go back with us for the summer!  It's been two years since he's been back and we've been laughing at all the differences he's forgotten about to go back to.  It'll be so good to have all seven children back in our home.

More later.....


Brenda said...

What joy to read your accounts of the ministry to which God has called you! May He continue pouring out His blessing as He grows Mattaw Village.

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