11 June 2014

Home again, home again...

We are HOME!  I have found wherever I go, there I am.  So where I am, I am home.  We are to bring heaven on earth and heaven is our home.  So there are some places I can consider home here on earth!  Of course some places are a deeper sense of home and right now I'm in one of those places.  Are you followin along my thought process here?!

Reuniting with our family here has been even greater than I thought it'd be.  It always is.  To hear and see all the growth that has taken place in such a short time is only something our Father can do!  He is oh so faithful.

Snuggling our littlest Sprouts babies, my girls at the rescue home tackling me with hugs and dancing with the church fam out at the children's village this past Sunday are just a few highlights.  There have been a few heartaches to come back to but geeze, Jesus is so much bigger than any difficulty thrown our way.  I CHOOSE to see the victories in our midst and do a happy dance seeing all the fruitfulness coming out of here.  There's quite a difference in being ignorant of the heartaches, acting like all is well when it's not...  and then overcoming them and letting Jesus heal and Him giving eyes to see past them, not dwelling on the negative but seeing the good in everything.  He truly makes beautiful things out of any mess.  But there's a choosing of where you let your heart and mind dwell.  Selah.

My wazungu (white) children have popped right back in and are thriving.  I can't thank God enough for this.  Playing with the children, being back with their brothers, dancing at church, eating Kenyan food, drinking chai and helping feed babies.  It's so good to be back for us all.  Did I mention that yet?

Today we met with our core Kenyan leaders and wow.  So good to hear all that God is stirring in hearts as everyone is hungry for more of Jesus.  About to get a 24/7 prayer and worship session going in our church house.  Come, Jesus, come!

As it's now almost midnight and I'm bouncing around after a night of latte's and game night with our boys (to which I won at rummy cube, this mama had to show her boys whats up :) ).  I'm now needing to finish this quick with some pictures and get to bed.  Thank you all that continue to stand with us and pray for us.  You are treasured in our hearts.

It's been so fun to come back and see how settled and at home Rebecca is.  So cute to hear the littles call her "Daka" because they can't pronounce her name fully.  

At the airport, Rebecca surprised us with Ryan and Moses.  We had fun driving back to Kitale from Eldoret with two of our little loves.

Claire with baby Maria 

Ezra chowing down on some ugali and sukumawiki (kale).  The boy can throw down some food like a Kenyan kid does.  And that's quite the statement!

Listening to my girls sing and this precious miracle came to snuggle.  My heart literally bursted.      (yes, those are my awesome rain shoes. hello rainy season and goodbye fashion)

And this gal is going through a phase of only wanting those she's with everyday.  It's taken quite the warming back up to us.  At least she lets Claire hold her.

Moses on the other hand just loves anyone to hold him.  Happy boy.

And always a joy to see this Moses thriving.  Another one of our miracle babies.


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