12 June 2014

Little travelers

About these little world travelers of ours...

We geared up to travel with three small children last week.  In the past, we have had some crazy dreadful moments.  I'm thankful for lessons learned!  And that our children have grown up a bit... aaaannnd that my husband and I have learned even more how to love each other in some intense crazy moments.  

We were so thankful to be able to make an overnight in London.  It helped tremendously in overcoming jetlag.  My husband was super on top of knowing when we should sleep and not and I'm so thankful we could conquer jet lag quickly for our whole family.  Legoland in London made a world of a difference!  We flew in during the early morning, dropped our bags at the hotel and hit the ground running at Legoland Windsor.  

I'm thankful for the great attitudes, although we did have some lows.  It was overall a great trip.  Being able to run the kids all over Legoland so they would crash at night and get a full night sleep before the second looong flight was super helpful.  And when I say hit the ground running, we really ran all over this place. 

Elisha and Claire as lego people!

We did let them nap once during the day and it was when we found this lego girl and knew Claire would want to see that we found her!

Ice cream was a must at one point to keep 'em goin ;)

"Everything is awesome"

I'm oh so happy to be on this journey with this crazy man of mine.  We threw the kids in this awesome new play area in the London airport and sat together sipping on our last taste of starbucks.  

Thankful to still be {crazy} and in {love} after the many travels, trials, mountains, valley's, floods, good, bad, ugly, fun and adventures.  Excited for what all God has in store for us ahead to walk in! 


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