12 November 2013

M&M Peanut update

Hey yall,

I wanted to give you an update on our little baby home.  We brought in four new babies in July of this year.  You can go back and read about them by clicking on the links below.




I just realized it's been over three months since I posted updated pictures of the babies on here!  You wont believe they are the same babies!

Maria came to us at less than three pounds.  She's now a whopping  pounds!  She's a little behind on development but thats normal for a preemie baby.  She is very healthy and happy though.  She's now cooing and smiling too.  She also is grabbing and playing with toys.  We think any day now she'll start rolling but maybe the chub is keeping her from it :).  Here she was back when we first got her in July.

And here's our beautiful chubby girl today!

She's starting to sit up in the bumbo chair better which really shows you her sweet rolls :)

We wanted to also say thank you again to those that contributed to the baby supplies and the 50 cloth diapers Ashley brought recently!

Here is Maria and Ezra back in August...

 And here they are today...

Moses is doing pretty good as well.  Last month when a nurse from the states came (that was here to help bring in Moses in July) she went with us to take him for another check up.  Leading up to the time Lisa and Ashley came back, I kept sensing something was just not right with him.  He was putting on weight as he should but his eyes would do this twitching thing and he was not moving his arms and legs much.  We would just rock him and keep praying for God to keep restoring him and bringing him to life.  Here he is when we first picked him in July.  At this time, he really was not moving much.

He was responsive to touch on his legs and arms though, so that was a good sign.  The dr just told us to be moving his limbs around daily but didn't require physical therapy in a clinic.  He started smiling back in September which was a really good sign.  And he has always cried when responding to pain.  When we took him back to Eldoret to be checked last month, it wasn't the best report and it was really hard to hear.  The doctor had him go for and ECC on his brain and a CT scan.  The CT scan showed there was some brain damage and the ECC showed he was having seizures.  Seizures?!  And we had no idea.  They were minor and not at all what I thought a seizure looked like.  His eyes doing the twitching thing was part of it and also when he would throw his head back with his mouth open.  So thankful we caught it early and could get him on medicine.  He just takes it once a day at night.  The dr shared with us that there's no way to know what caused the brain damage but it could have been from when he was in the hospital abandoned for two months and his blood sugar got too low.  We all wept at some point during the day.  The questions race through your head.  Why a baby?  It's not fair.  Why his brain?  Why couldn't it be something easily fixed?  Why him?  Where's the justice for this child?!  And then the answers to it all is Jesus.  Jesus heals, saves and delivers.  The truth from the word is that when Jesus was on this earth, He went around doing good, healing ALL who were oppressed or sick.  So even though the questions we ask might not have a clear answer, we know that God created sweet Moses and God's heart for this baby is that Moses would be healed and restored.  How and when it happens, I don't know, but I know we are now the ones responsible for his life and we will stand in faith to pray for his healing without ceasing.  Here's a sweet picture I captured today of baby Moses.  

Over the past couple of months, he hasn't been smiling as much as he used to.  The dr had no answer for us other than we don't know how much his brain is affected.  He is eating REALLY well, as you can see.  So we are so thankful for that.  He has a hard time sleeping sometimes and there have been nights he will only sleep one or two hours.  This makes it hard on our staff but they are so good with him.  We currently have three full time "aunties" that take shifts to care for our four babes.  Then we have two part time aunties that come to do washing and assisting aunties when more than one needs to eat at one time.  You can imagine the cloth diapers for four babies!  

I have noticed in the past week though that he will smile a little bit more.  You have to catch him at a time he's really awake and full.  Once he can focus on my eyes long enough to see who I am, then this big cheesy grin happens that will flood your heart to the max.  I haven't been able to catch a smile with a camera though.  Soon enough :).  We know God has BIG plans for this big chunky baby.  

Even though he can't move around much yet, he likes to sometimes be on his tummy.  We can position his hands just right for him to put his head up and make some funny noises at us.  

I love these chubby arms

Here they are back in August

And back in September

And today.  Hard to believe these are the same M(aria) & M(oses) peanuts that we rescued four months ago.  Praise God for the growth and life they now have!

I'll share an update soon on the other two littles, Lucy and Ryan.  Thank you for praying for these babies.  And also another thanks to those that have given supplies and funds towards them.  What a tremendous help it has been!  We need sponsors for them, so if you would like to help, please email me:  kimberly@mattawchildren.com.  We just used our last can of donated formula.  We did a budget for the babies and formula alone for M&M is $80 a month.  So the monthly needs are more than a child at our children's village.  Papa God has provided this far though and we know their needs will be met!


Georgie Hallett said...

This warmed my heart. So hard to read that bit about Moses. Although remembering the first time we saw him Im surprised its not worse. Praying life and restoration over him. Little Gloria who was in the bed with him is now fostered and doing well. Love Georgie Xxx

NeNe said...

More than we even think or imagine....

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