11 November 2013

Fall Festival 2013

Although our days stay busy doing things related to Mattaw and the children, we also find days every now and then to be ridiculous.  Ridiculous as in, let our inner child come out and pair it with things from back home that we miss.  This past week we were all missing the season change of fall back in the states and like any excuse to have a party so we had a fall festival.  We planned it in four days and it ended up being so fun.  We had a small group of missionaries come over to join in the fun and they brought yummy treats.  Our Kenyan sons had fun too.  We are in no way introducing the holiday of halloween to this culture but we are all about having fun and celebrating the season of fall.  (Although its not here.)  So we had a super hero themed fall festival.  Oh and speaking of Mattaw Children, if you want some updates on them, head on over to our website:  mattawchildren.com and click on the Mattaw360 blogs that you can find on the home page.  

So here's our blue eyed super baby...

Claire changed about five times throughout the day but mostly just wanted her face painted

Captain America!  

The mzungu Arrow and the Kenyan Arrow.  (its from a comic book and now its a tv show)


Bob the builders (not really super hero but still fun.  although these two are definitely super heros from what theyve endured in their lives.  Story to come!)

Lone Ranger and Peter Pan  (some argued about Peter pan being a super hero but hey, he can fly.)

The Avenger Director (yes that is facial hair painted on)

And then we had a little super hero competition.  There was an obstacle course set up around our yard. First it was around a baseball bat, then weave through trees, do pull ups, change outfits, "fly" (or swing on your stomach), then rescue a baby (doll) out of a tree. 

Peterpan won!

We also had our friend Meredith come as "super meri christmas" who ensures the bad guys don't steal presents from children on Christmas.

Another "super baby"

And "Color Woman"!  She was decked out in tie dye of course :).

I went as super babies mom, "super mom"

Thankful for those that came and shared yummy desserts and treats with us all!  


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Thanks for sharing the party pics. Looks like a fun time.,

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