19 July 2013

Moses, Cindy Lu and Ryan.

This past week we received three new children. All malnourished. Two of them found on a road naked in plastic sacks. One of them found in maize field. All three taken to a government hospital where the children's ward is already overwhelmed with so many patients. They kept them alive and at least for that I'm thankful. The timing to get them was the Fathers leading.  We raced through, feelin His heartbeat for the children which helped bring us peace in the midst of such desperation. Ryan and Cindy LuI thought were bad off until we received Moses. (Yes, we renamed Lucy to Cindy Lu since we have several Lucy's already and her name given by hospital anyways  although we did have to be sure it was ok with a friend that worked at a baby home and lost a baby names Cindy Lu, her name lives on though! And her life actually will save many, that's a whole other story though). 

Here's sweet Moses...

Yesterday we had to rush him quickly to a hospital here in Eldoret. We are so thankful for the timing in the team that's here with us. We have a team from outside Dallas area. This church has come for the fourth time. I'm just incredibly thankful for them standing with us still to support the vision The Lord gave us for Mattaw. They haven't forgotten our children and what big love they carry. We just honor and bless them for supporting and loving our Mattaw family!  Yep, pretty emotional about that! 

But onto more emotional things. There's a nurse on the team that actually works at Cooks Children hospital, where Ezra recovered from RSV and had heart surgery. She actually visited us in the ICU with her husband. (It will forever be sweet memories of those who visited us!). She's specialized in ER and children so duh, Gods timing is perfect!  She helped transport him along with Lisa (who is such a mama and has brought much comfort!). 

(Lisa in picture)
We got to the hospital and no ER. They made us wait then finally looked at him and weren't shaken by his size. 

Moses is around six weeks or older. He weighs 2 kg (around 4 pounds). He's severely dehydrated, his soft spot on his head a huge crater. But his face so sweet.

 He's going to be such a cute chubby baby!  As I carried him out of a hospital in Kitale I started praying LIFE over him and his eyes opened for the first time, glory to God!  When we first saw him yesterday morning we didn't even know if he was breathing. Nurse Ashley had to bust out her stethoscope to make sure. She was saddened to hear his heartbeat at around 58 when it should be in the 120's. After an hour in Eldoret at 8pm a dr finally came in. He did a great job at that point in tending to Moses and getting blood work started. Ashley pushed to get him in an incubator so they heated one up and we waited and waited again. Moses would let out the sweetest and saddest little whimper.  

We got him in the box and hooked up to oxygen and a feeding tube in him.  He just looked way more peaceful and was more alert.  He was so cold when we started o eldoret so we grabbed one of Elisha/Ezra's baby hats, 3 month old hat, and it's huge on him!  But it sure helped!

Then we found all the bloodwork came back with good results. So the only major issue is malnourished and dehydrated. So please pray for Moses!  
(Nurse Ashley!)

Our other two, Ryan and Cindy Lu, well, those sweet babes will be for another time.  We are so in love with them though!  

So if you haven't followed us for long, we have had in our vision and dream to have a baby home for birth-2year olds. Gods timing is always way better than ours. We've tried to make our timing in the past work and it was a flop. Could not be more thankful for God bringing a network to make the wheels really start for Sprout, Mattaw Baby Home. We hope in the next year to locate land and start construction. Pray with us as this needs wisdom and direction from heaven!  

"For the vision is yet for an appointed time;But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie.Though it tarries, wait for it;
Because it will surely come,
It will not tarry."  Habakkuk 2:3. 

We will share more details in the coming weeks.

But before we jump ahead. Our biggest need is to open house five and six. Will you help us?  We have around 80 slots of sponsorship needed for our current children. Once we fill this, we will open the houses!  We have children waiting and we already have house parents that are also eager to move in and bring in new children. If interested, read more on our website mattawchildren.com or email our sponsorship coordinator Robyn at: sponsor@mattawchildren.com. 

Love y'all!  Thank you for praying and lovin our mattaw sprout babes!


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