01 June 2013

Gold Digging

Lately, my husband and our sons have been watching a show about digging for gold.  It's actually pretty boring to me, one of those things guys are into I guess.  But as I was trying spend some time with them by at least sitting in on watching this show, I happened to catch something that later came to mind.  I was on a run yesterday, which is often where Jesus will bring some revelation and speaks more clearly.  Or maybe I'm just actually listening.  Running is a place I can escape, turn on some worship on the iPod, and not have any distractions.  Just me, Jesus and the red dirt road ahead.  So on this run, I got to thinking about something said in an episode they had watched.  When digging for gold, the men go into a certain spot and based on what they know, will get their diggers and start hauling dirt and rocks to sift through and find the gold.  The youngest guy on the show had called in a well known gold digger.  This man was older and had a lot of experience.  He was able to look at an area and say if its worth their money to go for it or not.  But he said something about the young guy he was advising, something along the lines of "this young guy will get a lot of gold because he isn't hesitant to just go for it and not sit around and talk about it.  A lot of people want to sit around and talk about where they think they can get gold without taking risks and just going for it".  Which made me think of life here.  So often you can read about people wanting to help the orphan crisis or help stop sex trafficking and modern day slavery around the world.  People will debate about the best way to do it and talk and talk and talk.  But sometimes, you just have to jump in and take risks.  And the comparison of gold?  Well, the children, the lives...  they are our precious gold treasure that we find.  They are treasures hidden away, often literally locked away.  Moving here, had I known what I do now, I would have realized how very little I knew at the time.  But it takes raw faith to make the jump over and do whatever it takes to find the one.  To dig up our little treasures and see Jesus restore their little lives into something so beautiful.  I've read articles on adoption, what works and what doesn't.  I think it is wise to be educated and to listen to others that have been through it.  At the same time, to me there is not one perfect formula to see the orphan crisis taken care of or to to see modern day slavery ended.  Yes, the church should be the one spearheading this.  We follow Holy Spirit and do what He has purposed in your heart to do.  No looking back, jumping in and enduring until the end.  I think one key part in it is to be educated on whats going on around the world and ask how you can be a part.  Not looking away.  

But Jesus said to him, “No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”  Luke 9:62

We haven't always done things right and thankfully God's grace has helped to point it out so we can redo and go on.  But never give up.  This journey has been a hard one.  Like, really hard.  Endurance to overcome some big obstacles has only been from Jesus.  When you look to God, look to all He gave for us and set our mind on His mission you discover that there are lost souls crying out for their destiny to be restored, and who will go to them?  It only takes a simple yes.

Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: “Whom shall I send, And who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.”  Isaiah 6:8

It's about the heart and saying, I will go, I will risk everything for the sake of finding the gold.  He isn't looking at our qualifications but a surrendered heart.

Many will grow weary in doing good, but if you endure, in due time you will reap a harvest.  I think I heard that promised somewhere?  :)  (Galatians 6:9)

The harvest is souls.  The gold.  What gold are you mining?  For material things where it will one day rot and be destroyed?  Or for souls that matter for eternity.

One of our treasures that I snapped a picture of yesterday...

It's almost been a year now that we found this little treasure buried in sickness, poverty and in a very bad slum.  Praise the Lord for she now shines like gold with those pearly white teeth :).  Once very sad, sick and moody, now Blessing is joyful and so very loving.


NeNe said...

Redeeming love found a way for her. God is love.

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