28 May 2013

Just another day...

Don't forget to be checking over on the Mattaw website!  We have kicked off a sixty day get to know Mattaw campaign. So I've been more focused to get posts done over there instead of on here.  But here's a bit of what we have been up to. 

I knew coming back it was going to look different. Almost every time we do, things change. Adding a baby will do that for ya. We have teams and visitors about to roll in so it's been great to have this time with just our family to get into a routine. I've heard there are two types of people.  Actually just read it in an e-book called The homemakers guide to creating a schedule. She explains there are those that have schedules where it's to the hour of what you have going everyday and every week. They like alarm clocks and sticking to accomplishing tasks.  Then there are those that have a routine, but are flexible on time.  Daily life includes many spur of the moment happenings like people dropping by, quick trips to the store, impromptu outing with Dad, etc. If out the night before, it's ok to sleep in a little. meal times can change according to the daily events. That would be us. And I can't imagine having to live here and be the total scheduled type. Life here would drive you nuts!  But I know God gives much grace to those called here.  I like how she points out Gods character is one of order, He is not a God of chaos. So flying by the seat of your pants is not a option. So if youre a schedule or routine person, both lead to order, just in slightly different ways. Anywho...

So being the routine people that we are, I feel we have gotten at least a weekly outline down with much flexibility to fill in the cracks. 

Elisha is now at mattaw three days a week and I stay home with the kids in the mornings twice a week to do school. I love him getting to be in school at Mattaw but also cherishing his early years of school and teaching some to him myself. We have a little routine we have gotten into when i teach them. Then Claire goes to Mattaw with me twice a week where she is part of the preschool class I've started and I will hand over to someone else soon. We now have, including Claire, ten little ones that's are 2-4 years old. They tried a week of them sitting in with the kinder class and as amazingly well behaved they were, it was just too many for one teacher. This is the third week for me to be out there with them and by far the best behaved little ones I've ever taught!  Our house parents have done so well with the littles!  Of course, they are squirmy and have short attentions at times but so polite and attentive. We always have a time each one gets up to lead the others in a song. Cutest thing ever. Not one of them is shy about that. I think not being shy about singing and dancing is just part of being African.  

Then on Wednesdays we have continued with our ministry school with the mattaw leadership and after that I am now having the house mamas over to our house to pray and fellowship.  It's been incredible to be back and see how The Lord continues to work within Mattaw. 

Once a week I have staff meeting with my mamas at our girls rescue home. We will share more on that later.  And in between scheduled things, hanging out with our girls, sweet sweet girls.  

Today we took our nine oldest girls from Mattaw to the girls home in town to play volleyball. They all had so much fun. It's hard to sometimes figure out events our kids can do so they don't feel trapped at Mattaw. Still working on a better schedule during the year for more outings. 

And Bud wakes up, has breakfast with us and then goes zipping out the door and working hard all day running errands, taking care of admin work, standing in bank lines, having meetings, on the phone having meetings. Running errands for me and sometimes im even lucky to catch a lunch date, just he and i.  But its amazing how much he can get done in a day regardless of how hard it is to get anything done around here. I love my hard workin man!

There's no nightlife here though so I've very much enjoyed having more family time. There's definitely those nights you get the itch to want to be out doing but staying home and being has its perks. 

We set aside one day a week for family time which can be a different day every week but it does happen.  Sundays we are all at Mattaw for church, lunch and hanging out a bit. We so love this time.  This past sunday afternoon we spent time hanging out with our house parents to hear from them more on different needs and testimonies of things going on. We also shared different things Holy Spirit is leading. One is we will do baptisms soon at a nearby river. Yay!  

Well I'm about to doze off to sleep so better peel the kids off the couch where they fell asleep. We are stuffed from "taco Tuesday" at a missionary get together earlier.  We have enjoyed connecting again with our missionary community around here.  

Until next time, cheers!


NeNe said...

taco Tuesday in Kitale .... Now that would be Heavenly to me!!!

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