25 May 2013

Mattaw 360

Howdy (ho ranger jo.... please tell you me you know what that's from... come on... ranger joe... Joey.  Full House!  yeah i felt real old to find out one of my friend's jr high daughters now watches it on Nick at Night, ha!  random i know... moving right along...)

SO we have started something new.  We are doing a "get to know Mattaw better" thing.  It's called "Mattaw, 360 degrees, in 60 days".  We will bring to you daily updates about Mattaw to give the big picture.  We have many new supporters and also those interested, so thought we would start from the beginning and then mainly do current updates on every area of whats happening at Mattaw and also our future plans.  So join us as we journey to bring you 360 degrees of Mattaw!  You can follow us on facebook, twitter, or check daily on the Mattaw Website.

Today was the kick off for Day One.

CLICK HERE to go straight to it.


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