18 March 2013

He's Back

Ayub and Chumba on the basketball court at Mattaw

Bud made a successful trip to Kenya and back.  The kids and I were sure missing him but also just wishing we could of all gone home with him!  What a season of patience its been since being back here in Texas.  The discipline the Lord has taught in being pregnant, sitting and waiting to go back home.  Not being able be hands on at Mattaw and just trusting the Lord is at work.  Actually just listened to a whole teaching kind of about this by a fiery woman of God (that I call friend, mom, sister, teacher, mentor, and the list goes on).  I'd highly recommend listening!    http://thegardenstc.org/fvideos.php

"To wait quietly on God, is to refuse to save oneself"

"For thus says the Lord God, the Holy one of Israel, in returning (repenting) and rest you shall be saved.  In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. But you would not."  Isaiah 30:15  That last part sure put a fear of the Lord on me.  Wanting to be living that scripture... except that last part.  

Ok I won't get into that.  I'd listen to that teaching, Lauren brings the WORD.  

Anywho, so the Lord accomplished all he sent Bud to do.  One of the main reasons was to check in on all of our wonderful staff.  Even though we stay connected with them, it was good though for him to be there on the ground.  Good news is, we get to go home sooner than we thought!  Actually in about 5 weeks!  (not that we are counting down the days or anything :))  Bud got to go dig his feet in the red dirt though and I have proof of it from the pile of laundry I just did. Those that have been to Kenya, you know what I'm talking about.  You bust open the suitcase and out comes the sweet aroma :).  Ha.  

Anywho, so my husband is a man.  Yes he is.  Thought I'd state the obvious.  He took the nice ministries' camera, me thinking I'd get tons of new pictures.  Well, I should at least be happy I got what I did!  So without telling a lot of stories right now, I'll just share a handful of pictures he was able to snap.  Ones that made my heart ache to get home even more.  

Here's miss Lucy lu.  In case you haven't heard her story, which is all throughout this blog in the past several years.  You could read the first time we rescued here by clicking HERE.  She lost her first front tooth!


The boys getting ready for their soccer game.  Ok, so it was a football game.  The rest of the world calls soccer, football.  The church of Christ orphanage brought their boys team to come play ours.  Sounds like it was a super fun day. 

Bud spent the night out at Mattaw one of the nights.  Actually the night before elections, just in case things turned violent.  Thankfully they didn't.  But he said it was so encouraging to be out there.  He walked through all the houses around dinner time and after to see the house parents gather with their children and just be sweet family together.  How much it has delighted my heart to hear updates of how everyone is doing.

He also went to Turkana with our sons for a few days.  I'll have to snag some photos from Bud's phone to share.  It was a great trip and the biggest praise to God?  One of our sons step-sister made a decision to follow Jesus!!!!!  THAT WAS HUGE!  They were able to bring some food and supplies to the families we've started reaching out to up there and also 


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