07 December 2012

Happy 5th Birthday to Elisha!

Yesterday Elisha turned 5.  Wow.  Can hardly believe five years has gone by!  What fun and many adventures the past five years have been with him in our life.  And a little bit of pounding our heads into the wall on how to parent this energetic boy :-).  But overall, its been a joy to learn how to train up this sweet boy!  I went back into our blog to collect some pictures to highlight the past five years.  They're a bit random but found some pretty sweet ones!

Taking his first bites of food

 At the elephant orphanage in Nairobi (he's about 3 mo. old here)

8 months old.  Back in the day when I updated on him monthly.  It's true, you have more pictures and updates on the first born.  

 His first birthday (party in kenya)

 His first birthday party again (this time in san angelo, thanks to auntie Hollie!)
In pic is Linda, Elisha, me and Sophia.  Wow, crazy how far we've all come since this pic!

And had to throw this one in!  This was our first year of opening Mattaw, when we just had one house open.  My how our Mattaw family has grown!  We were all a bunch of babies :).  

 Noah and Elisha

 That one time when we were just a wee little family.  And Bud was a surfer dude.

Elisha turns two!  (and was a surfer baby dude)

Stumbled on this one and had to throw it in.  We actually just visited this little boy and his family is the people we stayed with in Joplin, Missouri.  Crazy its been two years since they came out!  Our boys had a great weekend reuniting.

Elisha with his cousins (my brothers kids), when he was around 4.  Which im a little upset we still haven't seen since being back and they're just hours away from us instead of days away.  

Happy 3! 

A few years ago.  They change and grow TOO fast!  (Elisha just saw this pic and said "thats my home!  thats where Kenya is)

Four and a 1/2.  
Yesterday morning we started out his big day with some cookies for breakfast and getting an iron man lego toy.  I usually have "coffee and the Word" (laugh away Taryn) while he watches cartoons but we cleared all that out and played with legos all morning.  

I brought cupcakes up to his class after they had lunch.  His class sang happy birthday, he felt special.  And I cant figure out how to turn this pic so tilt your head and say awwww.  

 His Nene and Grandma came to his class to celebrate too and get to do normal grandparent things they normally wouldn't. 

Then last night just Bud and I took him for dinner.  We let him pick the place and weren't surprised when he chose McDonalds.  He couldn't remember the name of it but drew in the air the shape of an M and asked to go to that place.  Claire got some grandma time in.  Then we picked Claire up and went to our first movie since being back.  They both did well in a movie theatre- whew.  

Then randomly in the car Elisha tells us he misses Kenya.  Bud asked what he missed about it and he went through a long list of things... Mattaw, his school, his home and toys, and his friends.  So its sweet to see him enjoy here but still miss "home".  That never gets old.

Tomorrow we're off to Chuck-E-Cheese... where a kid can be a kid.  We're going with just grandparents and one of his friends, Sophie and her family.  I had this great idea of doing a knights and princess party but then I kept growing a baby in me and got tired.  The idea was super though!  Just making this week as special as can be for this little guy without the overly dramatic American "stuff".  I think we sorta did that... sorta.  

Saw this idea on pinterest so thought we'd at least start this every year.  It's a 20 questioneer to the birthday kid on their favorite likes at the moment.  Of course some of these changed after an hour and some after a day or week.  But it'll be fun to look back on them every year.  So thankful I've kept up with the blog these past years, so much easier than photo albums and all that paper stuff to write on.  

1.What is your favorite color?  Orange
2.  What is your favorite toy?  Spiderman
3.  What is your favorite fruit?  Apple
4.  What is your favorite tv show?  Avengers
5.  What is your favorite movie?  Buzz and Woody
6.  What is your favorite thing to wear?  Spider man
7.  What is your favorite animal?  a spider
8.  What is your favorite song?  Eli song (made on cd, a friend gave this to us and LOVE it, good Jesus lovin songs, here's the link to the one Elisha got:  http://www.epersonalizeit.com/god-is-mighty/)
9.  What is your favorite book?  spiders
10.  Who is your best friend?  Sophie
11.  What is your favorite snack?  cake
12.  What is your favorite drink?  frozen drink (i think he was talking about an icee that he had at the movies last night)
13.  What is your favorite breakfast?  pancakes
14.  What is your favorite lunch?  hot dog (specifically warmed up with ketchup only)
15.  What is your favorite dinner?  corn on a stick and kuku (chicken in swahili)
16.  What is your favorite game?  dinosoar
17.  What is your favorite thing to play outside?  football (soccer)
18.  What is your favorite holiday?  christmas
19.  What do you sleep with at night?  chocolate milk
20.  What do you want to be when you grow up?  Spiderman


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