21 December 2012

A Mattaw Christmas

A group in Mississippi that visited us this past summer at Mattaw kept the kids dear to their heart and were compelled to do something for our children for Christmas.  We are so thankful to hear the gifts above made it today, just in time for Christmas!  I so wish I could see their smiling faces when they get them for Christmas.  A HUGE thank you again and again to those that coordinated this and gave.  God is faithful to us and our Mattaw family, even in acts of kindness like this.

We also had a fifth grade class decide to give money to the Mattaw children rather than exchange gifts with one another.  Fifth graders!  Such sweet hearts.  So the funds they raised will go towards our children's Christmas celebration dinner.  It will involve a lot of meat, chapati, pilau and of course chai.  

During this holiday especially, we are missing our family at Mattaw.  We are so thankful though for the house parents and leadership that love them as their own and will ensure a wonderful day, keeping Jesus the center of it.  Just months away until we get be back where our hearts long to be daily.  We've been so blessed by the frequent email and phone call updates.

As for this new one on the way, we still wait, wondering if baby is deciding to be a gift especially for us on Christmas day... or New years... for sure not Valentines though!  There is so much the Lord has taught me through this pregnancy and the timing of everything that has gone on with us spiritually, as an organization, and within our family, it could not be a more God ordained time.  We've been through much this year and to hear and see our 75 thriving mattaw children and to know that we know we are following Jesus every step of the way, well its just worth all the pain and heartache and really nothing can shake that inner peace that only comes from above. God is faithful.  How I've learned the depths of His faithfulness.  Anyways, i'm pregnant and could get all sappy and write a lot here but I'll wait.  There's much I hope to share on this pregnancy in regards to it being symbolic spiritually.

I'm thinking a donkey ride to get to a stable to give birth sounds pretty awful during these last weeks being pregnant.  I have MUCH to be thankful for, including good medical care and car to take me there.

Being in such materialistic culture, we've found ways daily to remember what Christmas is about.  Its been challenging some days but I think our kids are getting it.  It definitely takes time and being intentional.  Hope you too are finding true joy even if its in the midst of heartache or being uncomfortable.  He brings LIGHT in the midst of any darkness.  Always.      

Here's a modern way of telling the nativity story as if Facebook were around back then...


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