27 September 2012

School. And Elisha. And Randomness.

So in Kenya there has been a teacher strike going on for weeks now.  It finished on Monday.  They wanted to be paid more.  And children sat home idle while the government made their decision.  Oh and some dorms and schools were burned over it, so sad.  Thankfully we are private and more on a homeschool type curriculum so our children were not affected.  Although we were late starting school.  Our boxes of material from South Africa didn't show up.  So that's just how things go around here... things are late.  Or are they?  Maybe we're on time over here and everyone else in the world is too focused on schedules and being on time.  I like it that we're not perfect in timing over here.  Or maybe I've just decided to like it, otherwise i'd go crazy.  Which I do have my days I could go nuts.  Those days where NOTHING gets done and everything that should have had deadlines and appointments, don't.  Oh like that one time we went all the way to Eldoret to the nicest hospital within hours, just to sit and not see my baby Dr.  Would have been all good if they would discover this thing called appointments.(this was two days ago)  Anyone else getting me?  I'm sure if my fellow missionary friends read this, I'd get a few amens.  

So if I still have people reading.... lets get back on focus.... I'll show a picture of a cute kid... that always gets your attention right?

 Baby Georgie is in class with Elisha this year.  It's crazy to thing he will be four this next month.  He will always be my baby Georgie though.  Crazy to think back to the days i'd rock him to sleep as a little bitty baby.  Or when I'd bathe him and have to roll the layers of chub on his legs and arms back to get him nice and clean.

Here's one of our classrooms.  You can see some of the children are using our new desks while others are still sharing a table.  We still need a tad more funding so all our children can have a desk.  Which means I should probably ask for money for this.  But I really don't like to ask for money or more properly "make a need known".  Guess I just did indirectly huh?

 Look at him!  I'm so proud of Elisha.  He has been going consistently to school and behaving well.  (except for those few days where Bud is golfing and I finally get a day home and want him all to myself... or maybe part of it was me being too lazy to drive him out there... maybe that actually happened... today.  but i would not admit to such things.  missionaries don't have fun and don't have lazy days)  Oh and lets not mention how he did have to get a whoopin yesterday in class.  My imperfect, perfect first born.  

Which is why I took a picture of him writing his name.  Its far from perfect but he really was trying and I love it!  I was just impressed he was listening to the teacher point out letters on the chart and him looking at the letters to copy to write his name.

Thats about sums up this random update!


NeNe said...

I can hardly believe it's time for Elisha to start writing. Growing up so fast. I enjoy your candid sharing of every day encounters in Kitaleand El Doret, and I'm grateful that I can relate to the context since I've been so blessed to visit there.

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