25 September 2012

To the widows we go! Again!

Yesterday we had the privilege to go and meet with our sweet group of widows again. My heart soars just getting to see their smiling faces and to sit in their midst.

My friend Christy and I went with the head teacher from Mattaw and one of our house mamas. Jesus was faithful to give us all a word to share to encourage and build them up in the Lord. We were so touched by one of them getting up and sharing how blessed they were by our coming because at times they feel people have forgotten about them but by us coming, it encouraged them that there are people that love them and God has not forgotten them. Sometimes, people just need to know they are loved and not forgotten. How simple it is to show the love of Jesus, if we would just stop and give ear to who Holy Spirit would lead us to.

There were many testimonies given after Christy and I shared from God's Word. I wont take up as much time this time on sharing all the details, although they are so good and give God glory! But the one that had me dancing still as I woke up this morning and recalled it, was of a woman I mentioned last time. She had places on her face, neck and hands that were paralyzed. When we prayed for her last month, Holy Spirit showed me it was a trauma that opened the door to it. When asked she said yes, the numbness started seven years ago soon after her son committed suicide. Jesus was so after her heart and he swooped down and healed it up. Last time she started having feeling in her face for the first time but we just encouraged her to go in faith believing it would all be healed. And sure enough it is! Praise Jesus! She stood up to testify and said she was going to have to have major surgery on her neck because it would eventually close up her lungs but NO more! She no longer has to have surgery or take drugs! God is good. And all feeling is back in her arm and she just praised and thanked God that she was able to plant maize and beans in her shamba (farm) last week.

One of the main verses I shared with them was Isaiah 11:2....
"It shall come to pass in that day that his burden will be taken away from your shoulder, and his yolk from your neck, and the yolk will be destroyed because of the anointing oil."
Christ means anointed one and it is only Jesus who can destroy the heaviness and oppression, bring true inner healing and physical healing. Who can set the captives free, and heal your broken heart.(Isaiah 61) And we ALL can have the anointing from Jesus Christ (1 John 2:20,27 and 2 cor 1:21). Its no longer like in the old testament where it was just a selected few. There's different mentions of anointing but this one is the Hebrew word shemen meaning "burden-removing, yoke destroying power of God". Like when the disciples received the Holy Spirit, it says they were given power (dunamis, meaning explosive power, miraculous power, strength to do the impossible). That's much of the testimony I heard from these widows, that they have received understanding of the power from Holy Spirit to do in their strength what would seem impossible in the natural. Because I believe Jesus came to give life and life abundantly while we are on this earth, not that we would just hang on for dear life till we die and go to heaven, but that we would live life to the fullness while here. Jesus wants us whole.

It's not about us, it's about Jesus and him working through his body of believers to bring LIFE and LOVE. I boast in the Lord, not the miracles. We seek the miracle giver, not the miracles. It's about honoring Holy Spirit and what he wants to do in our midst. But we will tell of His goodness and testify of the miracles, signs and wonders He continues to do in our midst. Simply because he tells us to. The first year I lived in Africa (over seven years ago now!), I went through highlighting the ministry Jesus did in the gospels and what he did through Christians in Acts. My eyes were opened and a foundation set for ministry I would have faith that Jesus could do in us. Christ in us, the hope of glory. Col 1:27.

He is just looking for hearts surrendered to Him, willing to lay down and let love work within.

(Elisha in picture with grandkids to some of the widows, he ended up coming with me last minute and behaved amazingly well and loved and played with new friends)

(other picture of the oldest widow worshipping Jesus with her whole heart)

(last picture of traditional food called mokimo. It has beans, maize, mashed potatoes and pumpkin leaves. We were so blessed to receive a meal from them. Oh and chai of course)


NeNe said...

The older oaks of righteousness are benefiting from your love and care just the same as those young and tender plantings. The planting of the Lord, Mattaw,will flourish.

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