28 June 2012

Tie dye cake and Denmark

After a hard weekend, we were able to end the weekend by celebrating some life.  It was birthday time!  Anna and Keela have been OH so great to help with birthdays this summer.  It's always so much fun to focus on a handful of kids and have a birthday party.  I love how simple the parties are but how much the children enjoy them.  Cake, candy, balloons and excitement over the gifts each birthday kid receives, so much laughter, no fits thrown, all leave happy.   When Anna and Keela have time, they've been making the cakes from scratch.  I did mention we also call them the tie dye girls?  They not only wear tie dye 5 out of 7 days a week, they like to tie dye anything that can be.  Like cake...

Every time they color the icing different too.  The kids LOVE it.  

We've upped the excitement each party by doing something a tad more festive each time.  This time the decorations found themselves on the kids.

Before singing happy birthday, we pray over each life.  Our children's lives are so very precious to us and not one goes unnoticed.  We remember where God brought them from and what a great restoration He's done in their lives and how He continues to draw them to him and release the Kingdom!  Yeah!  This past Sunday we thanked Jesus for the lives of Gracie, Rosie, Noah, Emmanuel, and Joshua.  

 And just because, had to throw in this one from Sunday morning.  Sweet Lucy lu and Claire...

I didn't manage to get any pictures from this last team.  Every time I was around them, I didn't have a camera.  This last team was from west Texas.  Yeehaw!  They blessed the Mattaw children and staff big time.  They had a vbs for the kids, showered them with love, brought bibles to the ladies on our staff, gave our kids new shoes, and ended it with a water balloon fight.  We are so thankful for the Impact Kenya team from Texas!

It's been a great summer so far, very busy.  So this weekend we are getting to take a break and head outta town for some r&r with the family.  Take a wild guess what we are doing....

Yep, its safari time for us!  No lake trips for the 4th of July.  Which speaking of, I just realized I've lived here 7 years and have not made it stateside on the 4th of July the whole time.  That's 8 years since I've celebrated the 4th.  Maybe we'll see some fire lit in the dust of a lion chasing its prey.  That's about as close to fireworks we'll get.  We'll be getting to take a family with us, some good friends from Alaska that have been here long term but will return back home for awhile.  It's so often for people to come and go, a lot of hello's and see you laters.  We will miss our friends!  They have a son the same age as our Kenyan son Daniel and they are good buds.  Then next week we'll get to hang out with our friends from Mercy House!  Then some time just Bud and I with our two white kiddos before I fly out to Denmark.  Yes, Denmark.  Getting to go meet up with people from our home church for a mission trip. Then half of them will come to Kenya and meet a few others here for a mission trip here.  We are so thrilled to have them here at Mattaw!  Eeek!  Karibu Garden family :-).

That's it in a short summary.  Wont post much in the next week.  Much love to you all.  Over and out....


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