27 June 2012


Last weekend was a hard one. God is faithful to restore hope and give us joy instead of mourning. I was going to post an update from the past couple of days but felt I needed a bit more closure of Esna's story on here, although her story will always continue and be remembered. Blessing is her story continued, a story redeemed with hope in the future.
Saturday we had the funeral. We took the younger sisters and last born of the six siblings, Meshac. He is 5 and the cutest little dude. I debated what's appropriate to share on here and what's not, so I'm keeping this minimal. We showed up and were surprised to see over 100 people there. Especially since the day before, the uncles were giving the brothers to Esna a hard time, not wanting to burry her on their land. The local chief showed up and many neighbors. It was apparent that many were drunk. Come to find out, the mud house we had the funeral next to is used not to live in but to make local brew. I fought frustration but when looking out into the crowds, I felt the Lord say 'they just don't know' and compassion overcame me. A lot of people got up and introduced themselves. No one hardly mentioned Ruthie. I was thankful to get a chance to honor her for caring and loving Esna in the hospital everyday and night. They asked me to preach so I shared the gospel. Everything happened so fast, I didn't have time to prepare what I'd say or how I'd say it, which worked out better. Holy Spirit was faithful to bring the right words for the right moment. They went to put the casket in the ground and that's when all the siblings broke out in crying and all fell to the ground. We just sat and held them. We discovered some crazy traditions they still do but didn't let our girls be a part. The tribe of this family still holds to many traditions. Eye opener for sure. All that aside, it was about as simple and peaceful as could be. The siblings felt honored and respected. We are thankful God went before us and all preparations went smoothly. We are so very grateful for those that gave to help with Esna's hospital bills and funeral cost.
The first thing I said when I stood to speak was that it's because we have encountered God's great love for us and our response is to run to those sick and in need and love them. May we all encounter His love daily, it runs deep and it's real and not forget those still out there in need of a touch of love.


NeNe said...

I'm amazed by many things that you do. Sharing the gospel at an African funeral, amazing indeed,

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