17 February 2012

A word to our sponsors...

We've recently received a few presents from sponsors in the Mattaw P.O. box here in Kenya. We are incredibly thankful for those that take personal interest in sponsoring one of our children and loving them as much as they do. But as much as I can express our thankfulness, it doesn't even compare to the smiles on the faces of those that receive letters and gifts from you. So I'll let the pictures say it all...




Mercy Ebei and Jennifer


Jose, again


We still have a few more gifts to hand out. We understand not everyone can send in letters and gifts and we are just as thankful for every single person that has committed to sponsoring one of our children monthly. Remember that monthly sponsorship covers birthday and Christmas gifts.
If you would like to send letters or small gifts (preferably gifts that can be shared with all the children), there are two options....

One is to mail them to the Texas P.O. Box. This option is cheaper but we wait until someone is coming to visit Mattaw in order to deliver the gifts and letters received in the Texas P.O. Box.
Mattaw Ministries
P.O. Box 61940
San Angelo Tx 76906

The other option is to mail it to the Kenyan P.O. Box. This option is quite a bit more in cost but will get to your sponsored child faster.

Mattaw Ministries
P.O. Box 3586
Kitale, Kenya, Africa 30200

Again, we are so thankful for those that are sponsoring our children. You are investing in children that were once hopeless but now have a future. Children that are free to be children again in a loving family.


Sharon said...

so happy you shared these beautiful faces so happy! can't wait for sharon to get her package with letters from my friends and stickers to share will all of her friends :)

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