17 February 2012

little ones...

This post is more for the grandparents of the children from my womb.

Iron Man? No, Elisha?

Oh... it's Claire! As girly as she is, she still likes to be like big brother sometimes. It was pretty cute seeing her try to impersonate Elisha/Iron man in the most girly way possible. She's in her pink tutu today :-).

We've had the case of pink eye going around our family. I think it cleared up so we were able to go hang out at Mattaw yesterday. While the kids were in school, we had some time with the little ones...
Elisha and Rosie

Rosie, Claire, Hope and Elisha

I love taking pictures of Rosie! Little love.

This is Hope and Claire. Hope is the baby of our house four parents. (they just moved in on Monday so we delayed putting children in house four until the end of next week! Details to come)

She really is a sweet baby. Just a little unsure of Claire's excitement to play with her.

My next post involves me milking a cow. It was um, an experience. Ha.

(p.s. to my mom: love you!)


NeNe said...

Thanks for the grandkids post! I love seeing all the kids of Kitale but those two melt my heart the mostest.

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