11 February 2012

Happy Birthday to...

This past week we celebrated December birthdays at Mattaw. I say we, but it was the staff that did the actual party, I just did all of the preparations. I usually lead the party but due to two little children of mine that were sick, I ended up bringing the gifts and cakes out and left it to our staff to do. From the look of the pictures, it was a hit! The party is usually simple (compared to all out themed parties in America) but the point is to celebrate the child's life and make them feel special. It goes like this...

A different child prays for each persons birthday we are celebrating.

We have some sort of individual cake for each birthday child. Everyone sings happy birthday to each birthday child. (these looked like butterflies before they got smashed)

Then they blow out the candles.

Then one by one they open their gifts. All the kids clap for every single gift they get. Even a tiny piece of candy and everyone claps.

I always include a new outfit in each present so after cake they go and try it on. All the kids applaud when they come back in the room in their new outfit.

Then the birthday kids pass out cake to all of the other children.

Then after, we go out for a photo shoot to be able to make them a memory book one day.

Mercy Nanjala-13 years old

Lucy-5 years old

Maurene-11 years old


NeNe said...

So much to celebrate in the lives of these beautiful girls.

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