01 November 2011


First picture of Daisy, taken August 2008

Today we will start featuring the children at Mattaw Children's Village that are in need of sponsorship.

Over a month ago, we set a goal, trying to get 75 people to sponsor one of the lives of the precious children. Since then we have had about 15 people sign up. But also, we have opened our house three, meaning we have 12 more rescued children needing to be sponsored. Today we again are looking for 75 people to sponsor. Will you help us?

What exactly does sponsorship look like and cover? Well, I'm glad you asked! At Mattaw we desire excellence in all we do. We want to honor Jesus and uphold integrity, especially with the funds to care for these children he has entrusted to us. So we want to be as open and transparent as possible. If you are a visual person, here's a handy chart to break down what each monthly sponsorship covers...

For each child, we break it down into five sponsors. So it is $175 a month per child and divided by 5 sponsors makes $35 per month. Once a child is fully sponsored, the five main categories used to desciribe their support (as stated in the chart above). So far we have not been able to maintain full support on each child so we have not been able to save for their future education fund. (which is what we currently use the profits from our dairy cows for)

In caring for our children, we strive for excellence without opulence in every area including good nutrition, a quality education, Godly parenting and the best health care available.

One of the first children that were referred to us in 2008 were Daisy and Geoffrey. They were referred to us by a street child rehabilitation center. Daisy and Geoffrey were staying in this resue center temporarily. Both of their parents had died when they were very young. Their older brother cared for them in a one room mud hut. He would drive a bicycle taxi during the day to barely make enough for them to survive. It was harsh conditions which is why they were taken in by the rescue center until they could find a permanent solution.

I remember them being so tiny and quiet when we first met them. They were in need of a family where they would have the attention needed to become strong and healthy children. When the director of the street kid center introduced us to Daisy and told her we'd be coming back for her soon and placing her in a family, she was sure to perk up. First though she had to inquire and be sure that she would have her own bed. We were told she was the neatest child onsite and cared very carefully for the few things that were hers. Even today she is still the same. She has grown so much and is indeed a healthy and happy child. She likes to play soccer but when visitors are around she would rather sit off to the side until she warms up to someone and makes friends. I noticed throughout the summer that with each team, she would gain a friend but she did it very quietly. She is very social and likes to tell, hear and read stories. Yesterday we celebrated Daisy's 13th brithday. I can hardly believe she is now a teenager!

She is now placed in a family that loves her and calls her their own daugter. She also lives in the same house with her brother, Geoffrey, but also calls 10 other children brother and sister.

Joyce, Geoffrey, Daisy and Sylvanos

We are so grateful that Geoffrey is fully sponsored. Daisy is almost fully sponsored and in need of one more. Will you partner with us to wholistically care for Daisy's every need?

If you feel led to sponsor Daisy, you can contact our new sponsorship coordinator, Krysta. Email her at mattawsponsorship@yahoo.com.

Investing in a life, $35 per month, can change your life in return. For this is the very heartbeat of God, placing the orphaned in a family.

Rescue a life. Redeem a soul. Release the Kingdom.

We'll be featuring more children soon on some of our other staff's blogs. Find us on facebook, Mattaw Children, and you can find more updates on Mattaw Children's Village. And soon enough we'll have our new website up and running...


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