29 October 2011

Meet Phillip and Sharon

What a beautiful rescue we were a part of yesterday. When starting my day, I had no idea we would get to rescue two precious children that will soon live at Mattaw. And we need YOUR help and I'll share why. But first let me introduce you to these two children and give you a little info on them.

First meet Phillip....

Last week our social worker recieved a phone call from the children's department (the government office that our children go through to become legally committed to Mattaw Children's Village). One of the case workers wanted to refer a boy to Mattaw. No one knew his name, he just became known as the boy who mothered his baby sister for the past year. I then got a call from our friends at InStep baby home and heard the full story since they had just rescued the baby sister, Esther. Esther looks about the size of a 9 month old but is actually 2 years old. A year ago Phillip and Esther lived with their mother. Their mother was very sick and Phillip cared for his mother. She became worse and stayed in district hospital, Phillip still caring for his mom and his baby sister. She then died a year ago, leaving Phillip to be Esther's only hope at surviving. Phillip then walked about 20 miles out of town with baby Esther on his back, to find his grandmother. When arriving, his grandmother said they could stay there but soon after she left them. So for the past year Phillip was just "the boy who has been taking care of his sister Esther". But yesterday he became a child again. A child with many many people who love him as their own. Mattaw is at its capacity right now financially. But bed-wise, we have room. And there's a bed waiting for Phillip.

Currently we have a missionary family here in Kitale that are living here full time and fostering Phillip. The husband is a pastor and came here to advance the Kingdom of God through church planting (cell group based). But they've always had a heart for the orphaned and have offered to help however they could. The wife had emailed us and some other homes this past year expressing her heart to help however she could, not knowing how but waiting on God's leading. I had no clue at that point what that would look like and now with Phillip, it couldn't have been a more perfect fit. They have children of their own, two of them very close to Phillip's age, and they have welcomed him as a brother. If only I could explain how amazing this community of missionaries are here in Kitale. The church is not a building but group of believers working for the same purpose, and this story is just a small part of what that looks like. We're so thankful to be a small part of this.

So tonight, Phillip is a child again, loved by a mother and father, tucked into his first warm bed with clean sheets and blankets. He has a family praying with him every night before he goes to bed and tucking him in safely. He has his first toys that he can say are his that won't be stolen and he doesn't have to sell to buy food. He can go to sleep knowing his baby sister is cared for and he doesn't have to wake up and be her mom the next morning. He no longer has to wake up every morning wondering where he will find food to help him and his sister survive. He now is at peace knowing he will eat three meals tomorrow. We are thankful for all involved for this one child's life being transformed inside and out. Because stopping for just this one is worth it.

But there's another child we rescued as well.

Meet Sharon....

The children's department referred Sharon to us a few weeks ago. She was in a completely desperate situation. It was a matter of life and death. She was in a street child rehabilitation center until she could be permanently placed in a children's home. She is now home safely with us. She also has a bed waiting for her in house four at Mattaw Children's Village.

She has now been with us 24 hours and what a huge change we have seen already. Going from not smiling at all and seeming like a very shy and timid girl, to now talking non stop and cracking jokes here and there. She's so beautiful and Jesus has redeemed her life. Here is where we need YOU....

Both of these children, we need to place in their new family at Mattaw Children's Village, where they will call home. We have our house four parents trained and ready to move in any day. But we have the responsibility of caring for the current 40 children at Mattaw now. Some of them fully sponsored, many of them still lacking some sponsors. If you would like more information on how sponsoring a child at Mattaw works, CLICK HERE or go to this link: http://www.mattawchildren.com/sponsor-a-child.

And if you are already a sponsor I just want to say how very grateful we are for you. You are making an eternal impact on a child that would otherwise be hopeless. Thank you for helping to grow the vision of Mattaw Children's Village. If you are not a sponsor, consider how you might be able to sponsor one of these lives....

And with your help, literally see a change on their face...

Over a month ago we started a campaign: 75 in 75. We hope to have 75 sponsors in 75 days. The 75 days ends on Thanksgiving day. Will you be one of the 75?

This coming week we will start featuring each child living at Mattaw that is in need of sponsorship. The Mattaw Children website (www.mattawchildren.com) is currently under construction and getting a completely new look. We will be updating the website weekly. There will be a blog where you can find more updates on what is going on at Mattaw Children's Village.

Until then, between our blog and some of our other Mattaw Missionary's blogs, we will share with you stories of some precious children that will break your heart, give you hope, and let you know how you can be a part of changing their lives!

If we can reach this goal, we can open house four and welcome Phillip and Sharon into their new family. Oh and did I mention we met about 10 more children, each having their own horrific story, and each being referred to us, all needing a family? We'll share more about them as well.

Rescue a life. Redeem a soul. Release the Kingdom.


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