04 November 2011


Hi ya'll,
Bet you wouldn't be surprised to hear we had a power outage for 16 hrs and as soon as it came back... our Internet was cut for four days. TIA. Life goes on! No complaints, I never have a problem with having an excuse for no Internet in our house for a bit... but that's just from time to time that I like :).
Ok, so here's a flower growing out at Mattaw. Our house two parents really like to landscape and have some of these around their home. We give our house parents freedom to plant as they wish, making it more their home. Just as long as it's not a jungle. And the kids don't have to push back vines to get inside their home.
I kinda have writers block but I'll just give a general update on this week. We were busy most of it. We discovered a bit of alterations in the laws concerning our children and legalities. Nothing bad, actually good. So with that, we've been running around doing a lot of administration work. I despise it. For the most part. On Tuesday I was having a bad attitude about it at one point but doing it anyways. Then I went to get Elisha from school and ended up staying to eat lunch with him and all our kiddos. Totally brought everything into perspective. Loving on our children, reminded me to endure through the paper work in order to legally rescue our babies. I was over myself and went about with our day, another meeting in a government office, and it actually was an encouraging meeting. God gave us favor with those we met with. Praying it'll stick through with admitting the kids needed in a timely order. Now THAT would be a miracle in and of itself.
Monday was Halloween but our friends had a little "fall festival, dress up party" last Friday. It was fun. Elisha was iron man, Claire was a ballerina...
Last week, you read about the two precious children we rescued, Phillip and Sharon. They are doing so great. It never gets old getting to watch a child transform from being labeled an orphan by society, to being welcomed into a family and loved. We discovered they were both sick after coming into our homes. (Phillip being with another missionary family for now and Sharon being in our home) Phillip had horrible fever and sick but after some lovin and medicine, he is doing much better. Sharon has had an untreated cough plus possible asthma. The same with her though, some lovin and medicine and she's doing great! Thank you Hollie for sending the vaporizer! She woke me up in the night not being able to breathe well and the vaporizer has helped a ton. They're both getting an overdose of love and the freedom to be a child again. I love it.
Sweet Sharon
Caleb goes tomorrow to take his first SAT test.  He has been studying hard.  He has been through several practice tests this week and he keeps improving. Pray for Caleb and his test tomorrow!
This morning I woke up at 4am with the worst eye pain I've ever had. I couldn't shut my eyes for how painful it was and after a few hours, then I had a hard time opening them. They are improving and I'm thankful I had nurse Elizabeth around to help :). Hopeful they'll be good by tomorrow, otherwise it's off to Eldoret, a town about an hour away. There's no eye doctors here I know of that are great and/or know anything about people that wear contacts. Pray! (thank you!)
The past couple of days Bud has been taking our older kids to the Kitale Agriculture show. It's like a fair in the states, but third world country style. Our kids love it and my husband got to talk about cows and farming at a few booths. Cost a few dollars to get in. There are a few rides. I'm sure no inspections. We let our kids ride four wheelers though, a huge treat for them! Face painting, balloon hats, a lot of booths with farm animals, educational booths on farming, and a mermaid you can pay 10 shillings to see. (a lady in a booth with a mermaid painted on wood and her poking her head through the face) It's one of the biggest events in Kitale that happens every year.
We're continuing to feature children that need sponsorship from now to Thanksgiving. We couldn't be more thankful for the response so far. 
I'll leave you with this short video of Dominic saying "i love you" to one of his sponsors.


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