05 November 2011

Sponsoring Sharon and Maurine

We are overwhelmed with your response to sponsor one of the Mattaw Children. We will give an update each Monday on how many more sponsors needed. Please pray God's provision for these children!

Today I want to share about two precious girls, each needing a few more sponsors. Of course we don't play favorites but these two girls I've known the longest and they have a special place in my heart. They have come a long way and we're so grateful to play a small part in their rescue. Today I'm bringing my girls Sharon and Maurine to you. Before even finding the land for Mattaw, we knew these girls. It was when Mattaw was simply a dream in our hearts. Their brother is Aaron and cousin is Noah, who are both living at Mattaw and also need more sponsors but we will talk about them another day.

In 2007 we had sweet friends of ours come out for 10 weeks with their two small children. They came to help us buy land and start Mattaw Children's Village. They lived in the neighborhood and we soon all met the family of Sharon and Maurine. Almost everyday Sharon, Maurine and their cousins would make their way from the mud hut they lived in up to play with our friend's children. It was obvious from their appearance they were in need of so much, most importantly the love of Jesus but also food. Our friends would feed them snacks often, including chai. We found out that they all were living in a one room rented mud hut with their grandmother. Often the grandmother would sleep around in order to get money to feed them all. Sharon and Maurine responded differently to their circumstances. Sharon was incredibly hyper and rowdy. Maurine was timid and shy. Both so sweet though. Here is a picture of Bud and I with them at the compound our friends lived at. Sharon is in my arms and Maruine in the very front.

I remember playing often with them and Sharon still would not let anyone hold her for longer than 5 minutes. Today I sat inside house one at Mattaw, waiting for the rains to pass so we could go home. I had a chance to sit next to Sharon, holding her hand and laughing with her. She has come a loooong way since we first met her. She will often find herself around us, just waiting for someone to play with her, and her response always pretending she doesn't want to play but laughing and running off, then coming back again. I love her little raspy laugh. She laughs a lot and it's one that is contagious. Here is Sharon the first Christmas she was with us in 2007...

During 2007, Noah's mom died and went to live with Sharon and Maurine. Maurine became is primary caretaker. She was 7 years old at the time. Everytime I would see her or go and visit them, she either had Noah tied to her back or was tending to his needs. Gosh, were they ever a motivation to build the first house at Mattaw. We were eager to place them in a safe and loving family where Maurine could be a child again and Noah could have a mother and father.

You'll never guess who Maurine is holding here....

Baby Georgie. He was so tiny! I fogot those days, how sweet they were. When Maurine first came into Mattaw we really had to keep an eye out to make sure she wasn't constantly watching Noah but instead learning to be a child agian. Even with Georgie we had to look out for her holding him more than playing. Here's Maurine with Daisy, the first Christmas she was with us in 2007...

Sharon is now getting so big and is full of life and energy. She knows she is loved now and walks around Mattaw with much confidence. Would you be the one to partner with us and forever make an impact on her life?
Maurine is one of our older girls now. She is still shy at times but not in a timid way. She loves to watch movies when we are able to show them. Her favorite being the parent trap. She's learning more about who she is in Jesus and we pray she will grow up a strong woman of God. Would you consider being one of her sponsors and effecting the future of her life?

If you have any questions concerning sponsorship, please email our sponsonrship coordinator at mattawsponsorship@yahoo.com. You can sign up by emailing her or you can go to mattawchildren.com.

Thank you for partnering with us so we can rescue lives, redeem souls and release the Kingdom of God.


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