27 September 2011

walking miracle Mary

I just got an email with updates on sweet Mary. In case you haven't read about our recent rescue of her, click HERE. As I read her update, my eyes swelled with tears of joy. What an answer to prayer this ministry has been. The people caring for her are being the very hands and feet of Jesus in caring for Mary. Rejoice with us as you read the email I just received:

I was sitting in the Living Room office today working on the 2012 budget for one of our outreach programs when all of sudden I began to hear joyous laughter. Curious as to who was laughing and why, I walked out of the office to witness a miracle...our beautiful 16 year old, Mary, was learning how to walk again with the encouragement and assistance of two of our incredible caregivers, Flora and Lilian. I just stood and watched and took in the joy of the moment. Thank you, God, for such holy moments. May we never be too busy to miss them.

The ministry caring for Mary is called "Living Room". You can check them out at this website: www.livingroominternational.org. We are thankful for finding them and you'd be blessed to go read what they do. It is a very different type medical facility than any other in Kenya.

Any thank you to all who have prayed for Mary.


NeNe said...

Praise God for Mary's recovery. That is so wonderful. I 've been reading the blog history at the Livingroom. What an awesome ministry. Thanking the Lord he led you there for Mary's benefit.

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