13 July 2011

Miracle for Mary

I'm speechless.

I have no words to describe what we encountered yesterday.

But we need your prayers for a miracle from God. So I write about her.

We rescued a life yesterday. The problem is we've rescued her before and thought she was good. Turns out she's even worse now.

Mary is now recovering in the hospital.

But for the past months she's been locked in a pitch black mud hut.

Left to die.

She can't walk.


Is malnourished.


And we need a miracle.


(one of the girls in our new discipleship program carrying Mary to the car)

There's a million questions I have, most of them with no answers.

Today we take steps to report her case. File charges against her dad. And beg Jesus for a solution for Mary. A new place to call home, with people that will care for her as their own. Mary is 16 or older and has mental disabilities. We're not equipped at Mattaw to accept her but we are trusting Jesus to lead us to someone who is. Would you pray for a miracle for Mary?

She is now recovering from malnourishment, the worst bed sores I've ever seen or heard of, and typhoid that has gone untreated. Please pray for a miracle for Mary.

When I can process this a bit more, I will write more details about our day rescuing Mary and taking her to the hospital. For now, please pray with us.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kim,
The very second I woke up this morning I heard "Huffmans in Kenya" and saw your green elephant family flash in front of me, so I came to your blog.
I will pray, dear one.
God always creates good where there was once evil.
Love you,

Janelle said...

I'm praying, believing for a miracle.


Hope said...

WOW! God has certainly answered these prayers! Praise the Lord!

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