29 September 2011


A few days ago we wrapped up our time with the Andrus family. They were here about two weeks and what a blessing it was to have them come and pour into our children at Mattaw. They did a few special things for the children while here, I recently showed them washing all the children feet and giving out new socks. Another big treat they did (and I'm fairly certain they didn't want to be known for doing this so shhhh, dont tell) and I wanted to share, was to sponsor a little trip for all our children. There's a place in town called 'Kitale Cinema'. Don't be fooled though, it's not the type of movie theatre you are thinking of. It's in a basement of one of the main buildings in town, making it feel a bit damp and smell like moth balls and mildew. There's a place to eat and a big room where they have a projector they can shoot movies on the wall. There were velvet curtains around the room, and surprisingly some carpet on the floor. They have single chairs they pull out and line up for people to sit in. It was just the right size to fit around 45 children and 15 adults. They all loaded up and came to town to watch the movie at 10. They showed the children the new movie 'Rio'. During the movie they had popcorn and soda, a HUGE treat. Some of the children maybe only having once in their life. This was especially fun to include our new house three children since they just moved in a week ago. After the movie was finished they had chips and kuku for lunch. (aka french fries and roasted chicken) Our children are incredibly well behaved and would stand in line for their lunch so quietly then go and sit and eat neatly (for the most part). You really couldn't tell from their facial expressions how much fun they had but if you happen to catch a coversation between the children, you'd know quickly how excited and thankful they were. We went early and I tested out the camera to see what settings to use to capture all the children. Unfortunately, once they showed up, I totally forgot about my camera and was totally into taking care of everything and enjoying the movie with the kids (which is better). Of course we took Claire and Elisha too, they had just as much fun. Here's the sweet pea letting me test the camera on her...

(her favorite shoes ever, thank you Jessica)

Then on Tuesday morning we said goodbye to the Andrus family. The kids sang, shared memory verses, did some dancing games and said goodbye.

Little Emmanuel has started relaxing and feeling at home. He is the last out of the bunch in house three to show joy on his face. I was able to capture it during this time though. First I barely got one snap. I could see he has become brothers with the other Mattaw boys his age.

The boys were crackin me up with their dancing.

Dominic. Love that smile.


Tammy getting her last snuggle in with Lucy.

Georgie getting his last time in spoiled by visitors.

Beautiful Pauline.

Angeline chose Amber to dance with her in one of their games.

And here's a real good smile and laugh I snapped of Emmanuel. Wayne picked Emmanuel on his turn to dance with him and he thought it was hilarious watching a white guys dance.
(we did too!)

Tammy helped me put words to people coming to visit. I'm so so very grateful for the vision God planted in our hearts and has continually provided over and over again to bring about. We usually have to correct some visitors when they come: our children are NO longer orphaned, they are part of a family now. And they know it. They are secure in a family. Of course we have to counsel some children and it takes longer for some than others to adjust, but overall, you can sense family at Mattaw. I'm thankful we can provide house parents for every 12 children so that children like Emmanuel who is very quiet and shy are not overlooked but are loved intentially until you can see it on his face like in these pictures. Anywho, what Tammy helped me put words to is that visitors are like grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Our kids have parents, brothers and sisters. When people from the states come to love on them, pour into them and minister in several different ways, it's like having extended family come. So then when we say goodbyes, its sad and we'll all miss each other, but our kids are grounded in a family and it's not the end of the world to see visitors come. Maybe this wouldn't make sense unless you come for yourself and become part of our extended family! We are grateful for all the Andrus family did during their time here. Some things might seem very small to them in what they did but will impact lives for eternity. Things done in the unseen realm are more of a reality that the seen.

(and p.s. please please pray for our little Geoffrey. He is sick with tuberculosis and has been in bed for the past three days. He is now on medication and Elizabeth is nursing him back to health. We need a solution to why he hasn't been growing much over the past year as well. Trusting the One who makes miracles happen.)


BMason said...

So awesome to see what God is doing at Mattaw on a daily basis!!!!

BMason said...

So awesome to see God at work daily in Mattaw through your blogs!!!

NeNe said...

Praying for Geoffrey.

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