23 September 2011

Hope has arrived and now you are safe

Ok, here's our opening of house three, Amani House. (Amani meaning Peace in swahili)

Austin slaughtering the goats. This is a typical thing to do for a big celebration around here. 

We went out on our rescue mission.  We first went and picked up Dan, Peter and Angeline.  They were living in a slum area.  We all crowded in a room to talk to the aunt and uncle and they were relieved to release the children to us.  We prayed for them and blessed their home.  Then the boys and Angeline quickly and happily jumped in the car to get out of there.  Mission accomplished.

  We then went to pick up Ayub and Emmanuel. I didn't get many pictures since it was raining and we were trying to get out of there fairly quick. I did snap a few of the children outside that gathered from around...

We then arrived at Mattaw and gathered inside Amani house to celebrate with a big lunch. First we introduced the new children, then said prayers and dug in!

From left to right is Elizabeth, the auntie that will assist the parents Monday through Fridays during the day, then Grace and Joseph, the new parents of this home.

I didn't get a picture of all the food beforehand but here's some goat ribs, soda and cake in the back for dessert.

Grace and Joseph labeling all the new supplies for their home

And here are all the new children...

Emmanuel and Ayub





Angeline and Peter, brother and sister



Violet (she will actually be in house four with her sister Sheila)


We still need photos of a few more. And I need a group photo of all the house three children with their new parents. They are all doing so great though. The house parents have really stepped up and shown through action how much they love these children already. Grace, the mom, was asked if it is hard to love other children that are not your own and she replied "when God puts this desire in your heart so deep, you love them as your own, it's not hard, and any challenge is not too difficult".

Ayub was the little boy absolutely terrified of us and unsure of where exactly he was going. It wasn't but a few days and we saw a completely different boy out playing soccer with his new brothers with so much laughter on his face. Dominic is also at home and we find him with a smile on his face often.

Ayub, Dominic and Peter


NeNe said...

Glorious! welcome home sweet children, loved and protected by our Father God and your beautiful Mattaw family.

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