20 September 2011

In the mean time...

Howdy ho ranger joe,

(isn't that from full house? i'm trying to get creative on my greetings here, i know, this isn't the best)

I was on a break from bloggin and intended to come back with pictures of the grand opening of house three. Well I didn't have all the pictures I wanted to make the post so it's going to have to wait until tomorrow. In the mean time, I will post some of the most adorable kids ever.

Claire got a stroller from her Nene, brought by the recent team. She LOVES it.

I know, I know, too cute for words

Around here, the only eggs we have the option of buying are fresh and from free range chickens. They're somewhere around 5-10 cents each. And they are so fresh, we don't have to refrigerate them, but keep them on our shelf.... (that would be chicken poo still on one of the eggs, ha)

Eggs are one of our staples for breakfast

We also have started the milk business out at Mattaw with our cows. This will eventually pick up and be another avenue for self-sustainability at Mattaw Children's Village. Every afternoon about 3pm, either our son Caleb or Bud will bring home milk. Jordan and Caleb measure out milk into milk containers and then they go deliver around our neighborhood. My kitchen is a temporary milk factory. We're so thankful for the missionaries and friends around here that are supporting Mattaw and buying milk! We too buy some and go through at least a couple of liters a day. Bud and Claire love drinking it plain. First we have to boil it though to make sure it's safe and disease free to drink. It then sits awhile and we scrape cream off the top (which I use later for cooking or making butter), then put it in the refrigerator.

Elisha and his teacher, Madam Winnie

She seriously gets cuter by the day. (yes I am her mom. yes I am bias.)

Cutest kids ever!

Oh and deffinitely these are some of the cutest kids ever too! This is their p.e. uniform, they wear it under their school uniform and take off their school uniform to go play.

From left to right: Georgie, Precious, Brian, Noah, Violet, Elisha, Dominic, Angeline

Bud just got back yesterday from taking our last team on safari in the Masai Mara. They had a fabulous trip and he got some rockin photos. I'll share them later but I especially liked the little cubs....

Hope I didn't ruin your breakfast.


Dalene said...

I can't believe how big Noah is!! he has grown so much! Love seeing photos of the Mattaw kids! (and yours too, of course :)

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