25 September 2011

The Andrus Family

We have a family visiting Mattaw Children's Village this week from Corpus Christi, TX. It's been a great week with them. They just have a few more days with our children. It's the mom, dad and one of their four daughters of their family. They've been a blessing to us all to have here. This is their first trip and they had no clue what to expect, some things being way easier than they thought and some things being more difficult. Here's a few things they've done this past week...

I needed to visit a couple of girls on our waiting list to be placed in house four. When we arrived, we found the oldest, Daisy, was home sick. We ended up taking her with us to town to the Dr since Elizabeth was already taking Peter to get his knee checked out. They had eaten some food the day before but when we visited, Daisy hadn't eaten all day and said there was no food in the house. While visiting with the grandmother of the girls, some children from around the village gathered outside to see the white people. I had Tammy and Amber with me and they handed out bread to the children before we left.

Amber handing out bread

Tammy showing a little girl her picture for the first time in her camera

We took them out to our friends' baby rescue home for a few hours the other day. It made us appreciate our roads! Their road is very bumpy with potholes and speed bumps on a major road. Elisha went to school that morning and Claire went with us. I knew it'd be a super fun filled field trip for her since she loves babies and this one has over 100!

Claire holding Cindy Lou

One of the workers put Claire in a high chair at lunch time. She sat in it for longer than she ever has. She loved having so many new friends that would all give her attention.

After a few hours we left and went to our house for lunch. We then went out to Mattaw. Wayne helped Bud with car repairs and construction at Mattaw while Amber and Tammy washed all the kids feet and gave them new socks.


The Andrus family with all the Mattaw children


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