12 July 2011


There are a handful of people I don't think I mention enough. At Mattaw Children's Village, the vision we have is to take the most desperate orphaned/abandoned cases that have absolutely no safe relatives to care for them anymore. When they come into the gates of Mattaw we want the label of "orphan" to come off of the child and for them to be placed in loving homes with a mom and dad, and siblings. We want to bring back what a healthy, godly, loving family looks like to a child. So with that vision, we find Kenyan house parents that are married and are a Christian. This can be incredibly hard to do seeing as so many families are broken and to be a house parent takes a lot of sacrifice. We are so thankful God has brought along two couples that currently parent Penda house and Raha house. (house one and two) They are part of the core to the entire vision of Mattaw. Our children call them mom and dad and find a secure place in their life of knowing how much they are cared for and loved by them. So I write about them mostly to ask you to pray. And pray hard. Pray for these precious couples and their biological children too. Their children come and live inside the house with the other children and they all mesh together to become one family. But I know this can be a challenge at times. We are thankful that our house parents do not favor their biological children over the children they have pretty much adopted. A few years ago, a visitor once asked one of our moms how many children she had (trying to ask how many biological) to which she responded 12. Which is right, God has given them 12 to care for and train up as the future leaders of Kenya. And that they do. We are honored to work alongside these two couples to accomplish the vision of Mattaw Children's Village.
Joyce and Sylvanos
Penda House parents

Christabelle and Julius
Raha House parents


bob said...

Excellent! And prayer Matters !

Lynn said...

LOVED the little video you posted yesterday!! Those squeals of laughter are just so precious. Thanks for the reminder to pray for these wonderful parents--I pray for yall and for the Mattaw children but needed that reminder of how Father has placed each one of His children into the right earthly family to nurture until they join His eternal family as believers!!

Jessie said...

Hey Kim!!
This is Jessie from the Pampa Team. I just wanted to let you know that i don't think you could of found more wonderful house parents than these great people, for such wonderful children!!! I miss and Love you all dearly!!

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