22 May 2011

Fruit and Flower Friday!

(I'm aware today is not Friday :) I was preparing for the rapture on Friday. Ha, not really. But really... we had no internet. AGAIN. )

The fruit for this week is matomoko. It is one of my favorties! Not a lot of people that I've given a try have liked it. But I love them. I craved them when I was pregnant. Our friends that used to live here and are now in Uganda had introduced us to this fruit. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I've talked about this fruit a long time ago but now that I'm doing some sort of organized thing on here to share with you the fruits we eat here, it was worth reposting. It is quite an odd fruit. It's a bit pokey on the outside. We buy them hard and when they are soft to the touch, we stick them in the fridge and cut them up the next day when they're cold. It's just a bit more refreshing that way. It's a fleshy inside that is gooey. The texture is too much for some people. But it's super juicy and very tropical tasting. Almost like the taste of a pineapple. It has black seeds in it that you spit out like a watermelon. (I feel like I'm writing a paper in the fifth grade on describing something, ha)

Here's a matomoko, they can get twice this big...

And the inside...

And look who can sport pig tails OH so cute now!

She's so cute with her "baba" (dad in swahili)

Mattaw updates on the way!


NeNe said...

Great post, great pics, great fruit.

Lindsay said...

They have this fruit in Peru, it's called chirimoya. I love it!

Lauren Moore Caldwell said...

Is that the stuff that is like a slimey cotton ball? I so remember that you guys were here when Sophia wore her first "buffies" or piggy tails. Where does the time go? Looking forward to mashing her precious little face!

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