16 May 2011

Happy Birthday to Bud!

Saturday was my most wonderful and amazing husband's birthday. I couldn't be more grateful for God bringing him into this world! And because I am so thankful, I couldn't go without throwing him a party to celebrate his life. Since one of his all time favorite foods is Mexican, that's the theme I went with. So we had a little Fiesta. The icing on the cake was the awesome mix of music Austin brought!

We put up a volleyball net in our front yard. If I would have had more time and creativity, I had this grand idea to make a pinata. Yeah, didn't happen. Volleyball was more fun anyways.

The beautiful Brittany and my adorable daughter. She is looking so old! (Claire, not Brittany)

I was thankful to have Brittany and Betsy help me prepare the food days in advance. We had tortillas, refried beans, Mexican rice, salsa, chips, taco meat and friends brought guacamole, more chips, and more beans. And of course I also made cupcakes and Mexican wedding cake cookies. (i may or may not have forgotten to set out the cookies and had them later with all the girls in the kitchen while having coffee and the guys were in the living room watching Touching the Void. It was my first time to make them here and they were UH-MAZ-ING! Click HERE to see the recipe I used)

Icing from Pioneer Woman. Click here to check out some of the most amazing vanilla icing from scratch ever. Ever.

I like making my hubby smile :).

I assure you it was not a lame party and made him fall asleep. I'm going to go with the fact that he was being goofy and hard to get a normal picture with.

Oh geeze, Claire is lookin even older in this picture! Where is the time going?! And Elisha??? He is his father's son.

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vickypad said...

Miss you guys and miss being part of Mattaw. I was just telling Javier that we need to reconnect. Love and follow your blog. Say hi to Bud.

NeNe said...

I'm pretty glad he was born too. If he hadn't I'd be verrrry pregnant still!!!!!! thanks for making his life
so wonderful. Looks like a fun party!

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