10 March 2011

Our day today

I just got some pictures off of my mother in law's camera and thought I'd share. Usually I just don't think to take the pictures she took because this is our life and it becomes our normal. Well, and it's a bit risky to go around taking pictures. Some people really hate it. But I'm glad Nene knew no difference and was told to go for it. No one complained until we were sitting in our car outside the fruit market and some drunk came up saying it was bad. Oh well! She had already gotten plenty to give you a glimpse into our life. And to see that we don't live in the sticks. There is some civilization here! So these were taken today...

Just had to throw this one in here. Violet was feeding Claire spaghetti for lunch and she was so exhausted, she took her last bite as she fell asleep.

This is where we ate lunch today. The name is "Boulevard". It is pretty much in the center of town on the second floor of a building with other shops and a bank in it. They serve the usual Kenyan food that you'd find in an restaurant. And a side note, they call restaurants "hotels" here. It took me awhile to figure this out. I just though we were eating in the front of the hotel and there were rooms in the back. So when you see a sign for hotel, it might just be for eating. But some places might have a place to sleep. You just never know.

Here's my mom-in-law's lunch. She had what most people order, chicken and chips. (chips is what they call french fries. And chips that you buy in the store are called crisps)

And there's a car hanging from the ceiling. This is one of the nicer places to eat in town but still affordable for the average person.


Outside the balcony you can see across the street is some clothes shops. There are many of these little shops all around town. They are used clothes that people will buy off other people that sell them in mass. So you might see your shirt from the 80's hanging up.

After eating, Bud had to run into the hardware shop for the 100th time today, just like every other day. He knows the owners well and is great at getting a bargain.

While he and his dad went to run a few more errands, Denise, Caleb and I went to run some other errands. Denise and I went into one of the supermarkets. We bought the weekly bread, yoghurt, and porridge for Mattaw. (and I added some peanut butter and jar of honey in there as an extra treat for the kiddos... that's just what happens when you send me to do the shopping) So here is one of the aisles in the store. On this aisle is cooking fat and flour on the right side. On the left is hot chocolate, tea and porridge on the bottom. And in front is yoghurt and milk. You can find anything from tools to dishes to food to underwear to jinky china toys that break within hours to pots and pans, and many other random things.

Ok and this picture is just hilarious. You often see things that you think "only in Africa". And here is one of them... (that is a man underneath there PULLING this car on his CART)

This is a small butchery in town. There are many. And there is NO refrigeration inside of there.
Last week we had a bat in our house. Just thought I'd throw these two pics in here. There are bats that get in our roof and one came out when Bud was up in the roof fixing some of our electric wires. He didn't realize it at the time and then that night we were watching a movie when one flew in and hung itself on the window next to the tv. The neighbors probably thought a murder was going on from all the yelling Denise and I did.

Thankfully our boys helped trap the nasty critter and release it outside.


Mandy said...

Hi there! My name is Mandy Baker. My mom (Anna Tharel...she is a friend of your mom) told me about your family and your blog and I've been following you for about six months. Just wanted to let you know that I'm out here reading and that I just love this post. It makes your life a little more real to me. Thanks or posting! And know that we're out here praying for you! *M

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