09 March 2011

Poppa and Nene

We've really enjoyed having Bud's parents visit us for the past few weeks. Their first week they got to see a bit of what it's like to have a team here and now they're getting to see somewhat of what our daily lives are like. I said somewhat. It's all relative. No two days look alike very often around here.

Last week we even went out into the bush to go visit Caleb's family and let them congratulate him for his grade he made on his national exam to finish high school. (Caleb is like a son/brother to us and I plan to post about just him here soon.) While visiting them our vehicle broke down. So they got to experience that with us. Then Caleb's family graciously welcomed us with a big meal in their home. It was a very common Kenyan home you'd find in the village, a beautiful home. So that was fun to have them come along with us.

This week Bud has been trying to finish up the new school classrooms with his dad. They're also trying to finish up the finishing touches on house three. We are still not certain who house three parents will be and I'm in no hurry. I want children in this home and out of the bad situations they are in, yes. But I want to make sure we have the right parents. Please pray for us in this area. Yesterday morning we met with a couple. We got a good first impression from them. In the afternoon Bud met with another couple whom we've been considering for awhile now. We like them both. And we hope to also open house four and five this year. It's all a matter of God's perfect timing of who will move in first and when the houses will open. Kama Mungu Akitaka. (a phrase used in Swahili "if God wills" I learned that one years ago!)

A virus is going around Mattaw amongst our children and our house two momma. Pray for quick healing! We had to take 12 to the Dr. a few days ago. Sure will be nice when we have our own clinic with a Dr. so we don't have to go through all that hassle of getting sick kids to town. Hopefully by next year this will be built! But after all of them getting injections, they seem to be doing much better. They were all back in school yesterday.

I've been starting to get into a routine of preschool home school with my darling and active little boy, Eli. It's been fun to set up school and print out lesson plans. We're just doing three-four days a week for about 1-2 hrs each time. I'm going to have to post all about this though. Especially for my mom. She was a pre-k and kinder teacher when I was growing up. So I've been around it a lot. I plan to start going out to Mattaw once the classrooms are finished. I'll take Eli out there 2-3 times a week and we'll do preschool with some of the other children out there. It'll give one of our teachers a break, give me a chance to pour into some of our kiddos, and give Elisha some classroom buddies to help motivate him to learn. Did I mention how active he is?! But it's going pretty well to start out with. I enjoy teaching him and have found a new respect for all you homeschooling mom's out there! What time and effort it takes.

I'm being spoiled by my mom-in-law. She is getting much time in with her grandchildren which leaves me time to do stuff like cook meals every night. I mean, I would do it anyways, but to not have to stop in-between cooking every 10 min to attend to one of the kids makes it a breeze. It's been incredibly nice to get back into my kitchen and cook a warm meal for my husband for him to come home to every night after working hard. Last night I made a mexican meal all from scratch. Refried beans, tortillas, mexican rice, salsa, and guacamole. It was a success! At one point though my mom-in-law passes through the kitchen and said she wouldn't trade me if she could. She was enjoying the beautiful warm weather outside and playing with Eli and Claire while I cooked. I think we both thought we had the better end of the deal! (not that I don't love playing with my children... but you know what I mean)

I know, I'm being chatty. Enough talkin, here are some pictures...

My dad-in-law with Geoffrey, one of the children they sponsor. David wears a cowboy hat, pretty much every day of his life. My in-laws are very Texan, and I like it. So Geoffrey had gone and found this hat, which belongs to our house two dad, and he put it on to match. Pretty sweet.

It's pretty hot here right now. It is dry season and dusty. (thankfully the clouds decide to dump some water on the ground and refresh us all every now and then, but it's rare) So last week we took Bud's parents to the pool for an afternoon. Our children were sure happy about that!

Claire and her Dad
Sweet Claire in her new swimsuit from Nene for her bday
This is Elisha. No words to explain him. He's just his own person. And I love it.
Off to fight the bad guys on his tractor with his bubble sword!
And as far as our successful parenting stories go.... Elisha is officially potty trained! Woooohooo! I'm so sure you wanted to know that. Unless you are a mom, then you are proud of him for us. He loves to wear his spider man underwear and refuses to wear them the right way. Why did they put the picture on the back? We could care less, at least it's not a diaper!

I'll give a more ministry/Mattaw focused update soon :)


The Beavers said...

Way to go, Elisha! We totally care about the little successes! And in my book potty training is not small feat!
Can't wait to hear more about the pre-schooling! Maybe you can share some creative ideas with us!

bob said...

Great post Kimbali

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