16 March 2011

baby claire cow

So this past week we've had no internet in our house. Hellllllooo Africa. It was nice and not nice. And life goes on.

We spent this last week making the most of it with it being Bud's parents' last week in our home. Bud and his dad managed to finish the roof on the current new school building so now the construction crew has been finishing the floors and plastering. This means two new classrooms will open so that now our pre-k and kinder are not in mud huts with hot tin roofs and hardly any light. It also means a new office for me, Bud and our social worker. And this means I will have my own pre-k class to go out and teach a few times a week for a few hours with my little Eli. Homeschool is going pretty good. I do look forward to having Elisha join in with some precious Kenyan kiddos and learn with them. He needs to be challenged by friends his age. And so he doesn't argue with me that a baby cow is called a "calf" NOT "baby Claire cow". He refused to learn his vocabulary word last week which was calf. He insisted that a baby cow is called "baby Claire cow". This past weekend we went on a little family adventure. We hiked around Mt. Elgon. One thing convenient about this outing is that we saw a lot of monkeys, and a lot of vines that the monkeys sometimes would swing on. And this weeks vocabulary word is "vine". He caught on the first day what a vine is from recalling our hiking adventure. The week before we went to a big dairy farm. They have a section of just calf's so I thought what a good hands on teaching experience. Nope, still "baby Claire cow". But it's been neat the the first two weeks of me officially home school Elisha and we've already had two opportunities for a field trip. Who'd a thunk?!

So we are in Nairobi now on our "spring break". Bud's parents will fly out this week so we came a few days early to have some fun. Here's a sneak peak at our Mt. Elgon trek....


MSGWife said...

I have yet to get to Mt Elgon. Hopefully I'll be able to get there.
Email me when you get back home to Kitale, or call me. OK I want to meet you both!


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