27 February 2011

Christmas @ Mattaw

Like I said before, since we were gone for Christmas, we assured our Kenyan kiddos that we'd come back and have a late Christmas together. On the actual day of Christmas our Mattaw children did have a huge lunch with beef and chapati (their version of tortilla) but we waited for gifts until we got back. The team from Joplin happened to be here too so we were happy to have them join in on the fun. One of the families on the team actually brought backpacks donated from their church. The mom had asked me months back what would be good to have their church gather up and backpacks came to mind. You can get them here but they are cheap-o and wear out fast. We had some on the container when it came to Mattaw but that was a few years ago and they are now mostly worn out.

Have I mentioned how my son wore shoes in the states for 10 weeks and they still looked brand new the last day there. Then when coming back to Kenya, he wore them ONE day and they looked as though they had been worn for a year! Things just get dirty here faster and wear out. Red dirt becomes part of your style on all your clothes, shoes, oh and skin. In your hair, in your nails, and the color of your feet. If I didn't decide to just go with it, it'd drive me absolutely nuts. Anyways...

This past Thursday we had Christmas at Mattaw. The day before we had gone shopping and stuffed bags. Like I've said right? (my days are running together, as are what I've said and not said on here)

I'll just let the pictures tell of the event...

The little boy on the team and Eli happened to have the same shirts, pretty cute.

All the backpacks ready to make some children really happy

Caleb, Mackenzie, Eli, Raegan and Georgie

The kids danced and sung for awhile. They are getting really good at the drums.

They all wore their shirts they had made with the team. (Rose, Noah, Euni)

Claire spent some time with her Nene and enjoyed dancing and clapping

She made us think several times that she was really about to take off running. (and there's her handsome daddy helping her)

the children dancing and singing

They did their usual song where they circle up and one at a time in the song they call one of the children to go in the middle and do their dance, then ask them to go pick a friend to join them in the circle to dance. This is usually a hilarious time where some of the children will ask the Americans to come dance and prove how much better rhythm they have than Americans. haha.

The presents inside these backpacks were bought with sponsorship money. At the end of opening their gifts they gave a big thanks to the team and to their sponsors for giving them their gifts. If you are a sponsor, we want to extend a huge thanks once again for giving to these beautiful children!

Since everyone was watching, they were VERY quiet when opening their gifts. Once they went to put on their new clothes though you could hear the excitement in their rooms.

Georgie being Georgie.

When Lucy lu came out, Elisha said "look, she's a princess!". Yes, Eli, Lucy is a princess.

All the boys in their new clothes

All the girls in their new pretty princess dresses

Mattaw Children's Village, 2011

One of the families on the team has a four year old little girl that didn't come with them. She had made a few pillows to give to some of the children. Georgie got one of them and was so happy.

And then our area chief "just happened" to show up that day. Politicians. They like to talk a lot. With all due respect, we were happy to have him stop by and congratulate the team for all they've done. :)

Just being kids.

The team brought a volleyball net last year and it's still in good condition this year. So they enjoyed all playing volleyball almost everyday.

And there's our guy that oversees the cows coming back from the evening milking. Bud is still looking for land and once it is found, he will work on buying the remaining cows from the money raised for "cows for Christmas".

And a big thanks to our Joplin team for coming out to help build a school, chicken coop, and pour more love into our children and staff. It was a great two weeks that will not be forgotten by us all here at Mattaw Children's Village. We love you guys!

Joplin family team, 2011 (with a couple from Virginia)
(and some Texans, a Canadian, and a Kenyan is also in the picture)


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oh looks like such fun. =) the pictures are great. love the one of georgie with the pillow on his head.

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